Letter to the Editor

Health Department issues thanks

Sunday, January 9, 2011

To the Editor:

The Clay County Health Department would like to thank everyone who helped with the recent fifth-grade Smoking Prevention Poster Contest.

Thanks go to Kevin Higgins of A+ Printing and Jane Mills at Lamar Outdoor Advertising for contributing to the prizes.

Our judges for the contest were Clay County Commissioner Paul Sinders, Brazil City Clerk Karen McQueen, Brazil City Deputy Clerk Treasurer Jenna Godsey, Jane Mills (Lamar Advertising), Clay County Health Department Nursing Secretary Bell Killion, and Clay County Health Department Public Health Nurse Kim Hyatt, RN.

They did a great job.

Thanks go to The Brazil Times and The Clay City News for their excellent coverage of the event. Thank you to all the staff of Clay Community Schools and Cornerstone Christian Academy.

A great big thanks to all of the fifth-grade students for their enthusiasm and participation during the smoking prevention education.

The two grand prizewinners were Jewel Mathews (Clay City Elementary School) and Mavery Brush (Staunton Elementary School).

The other school winners were Caroline Jones (Cornerstone Christian Academy), Bradley Neese (Van Buren Elementary School), Braddok Whistler (Forest Park Elementary School), Chase McCrocklin (Jackson Township Elementary School), Brevan Harper (East Side Elementary School), and Chaze Secrest (Meridian Elementary School).

Research shows that half of all smokers will eventually die of a smoking related disease.

To help prevent a child from starting to smoke is one of the greatest gifts anybody can give.

It could actually save a child's life.

Please look for the winning posters displayed on billboards on United States 40 near the First Christian Church and at the intersection of State Road 59 and State Road 46.

Dr. Rahim Farid, Public Health Officer,

Kimberly Hyatt, RN, Public Health Nurse, and

Beulah A. Hofmann, RN, MSN, Community Health Educator