Letter to the Editor

Donate to this worthy cause

Sunday, January 9, 2011

To the Editor:

I just would like to take this time to give a personal testimony about the House of Hope ministry (missionteens.com).

I have a beloved family member that has been in addiction for more than 10 years. We (the family) have been waiting for him to hit bottom and reach out for help.

That happened in September 2010. We were ecstatic.

Now, he is going to have to move to another facility.

I believe that God is quite capable of performing a miracle. There are many irons in the fire to try to help this ministry, but most of all, what is needed is financial support.

I ask that many CHRISTians that I know from this community, after you give your tithe to the storehouse, please consider giving a generous donation to this ministry.

I have been inside and seen how this ministry functions. Your money will not be thrown to waste or line anyone's pocket. Many of you reading this know me. I will be happy to discuss this issue with you.

But now is not the time for talk. It is the time for action. Please stop now, and prayerfully consider a personal donation.

House of Hope, 5525 W. United States 40, Brazil, Ind., 47834.

Thank you for your consideration.

Greg Karn,