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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We are still dealing with the flu. Why did I think the flu shots that we received in late October would prevent this? I knew better.

Do I think the shots are worthwhile? Of course I do!

I can't stand to be down, unless its bedtime. I feel like I would be neglecting my chores. I continue, as before, as much as possible.

My parents functioned the same, in that regard.

Paul was too ill this time to have much a choice how to handle his illness.

His lungs underwent a beating at night. He did not get much rest. The nurse at the VA was helpful.

The druggist at CVS, in Brazil helped me with Paul's list of needs.

We are doing much better now. Paul will return to his job at Sears as per schedule this week. Hopefully, the voice will become stronger and his cough will subside.

I prepared a hearty, full-bodied vegetable beef soup today. I used lean angus beef and the freshest vegetables that I could find. My soup delivers on a cold day or during warmer days, when most folks put hot soup on the back burner. Whenever we are sick, we eat soup.

I baked a butterscotch cream pie, a batch of old fashioned oatmeal cookies and some cornbread today. We sampled each, twice!

This poet received a winner's list and award notification of a poetry contest that I entered last year, sponsored by Famous Poets Institute For the Advancement of Poetic Studies, located in in Talent, Oregon.

There were 7,000 entries in the contest. Fifty prizes were awarded on Jan. 5, 2011.

The grand prize went to Jay Campbell of Miami, FL The poem was titled, Misfit.

Kristen Powell, of Port Orford, Ore., earned a first prize of $500 for her poem, "The Soft Touch."

Second prize of $100 was awarded to, Constance J. Barnes-Brown, Somerset, N.J. Her poem is titled, "Historical Weeping."

Forty-seven third place book prizes were awarded. Among those entrants was Brazil's own John Weddle. His poem titled, "God is Love" will appear in the publisher's, "Souvenir Collector's Edition" of "Great Poems of the Western World."

The collection is to celebrate the publisher's 18th Anniversary.

I congratulate you, John Weddle and wish you much success in future and like endeavor's.

Be proud of your gifts and accomplishments. Do not ever allow anyone to destroy your self-esteem. Keep that song in your heart and continue to share your thoughts and the beauty of your poetic voice with the world. I look forward to my copy of the book showcasing your poem. I believe in your talent too!

One of the largest flocks of birds that I have encountered in a while landed on the snow covered field beside the little blue house at the end of the road.

The cedars blocked my view, somewhat. I could not identify the visitors, with such short notice. The lively gray and black visitors stayed long enough to gain the attention of the birddog before moving on. I enjoyed the moment and so did he.

The deer are moving about a bit. There is little damage that they can do around here in the winter. They make their rounds and then head for the shelter of the deep woods.

I am never too under the weather to check out tracks in the snow. Each fresh set tells me something.

This morning, it was obvious to me that a very large dog tracked a rabbit and lost his or her scent near the edge of the natural habitat that we provided for the protection of wildlife, during the fall of last year.

That's about all that's happened in my world this week.

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