Letter to the Editor

'Decorate a Door' a success

Monday, January 17, 2011

To the Editor:

We wanted to write a huge thank you letter to all the people and different organizations that helped us out for this past Christmas.

As you know, we started an annual Decorate a Door contest and it was well received.

The following groups and people participated: Clay County 4-H, Susie French, Shannon Willmore, Vista Care, Jocie's Beauty School, Horizon Hospice, Ellen Miller, Lisa Coughanowr, Southern Care, Joyce McCullough, VNA hospice of the Wabash Valley, residents families and various staff members.

A huge thank you goes out to Van Buren School for decorating all the doors that were left undecorated.

We want to express our gratitude to the community for coming together and making this Christmas season a very joyous season for our residents and their families.

We also want to thank the following people, churches, organizations, and a school. Family Worship Center, Benwood Ladies, Christ Community, NCMS eighth-grade choir, Brazil United Pentecostal Church, Care Ambulance (for taking us out to see the Christmas Lights), Southern Care (special activities), Trinity Baptist Church, Croys Creek Church, Jeanine Peterson, Veteran's Office, 4-H Carolers, Northview Jazz, Job's Daughters, NCMS sixth-grade choir, Cornerstone, Wee Love Kids Daycare, Good Tidings Tabernacle, Grace Chapel, Way of the Cross, Staunton Christian Church, Van Buren Elementary (for making sure everyone received Christmas gifts), and Katrina Raubuch for coming in on Christmas Day and playing the piano.

This community is a very loving and caring community and we are so blessed that all these people came to make sure that our residents had a beautiful Christmas season. There were also some anonymous donors, thank you, as well. Whether it was singing, bringing gifts, giving a blanket or a warm hug, everything that everyone done is tremendously appreciated and we look forward to seeing all of you again in 2011.


Valerie McCullough and

Lori Bault,

Activity Department