Letter to the Editor

Thanks for a job well done

Sunday, January 23, 2011

To the Editor:

I want to acknowledge the front-page article in The Brazil Times Monday, Jan. 10, 2011.

Our Mayor Bradshaw has done a commendable job as mayor of our town. My wife and youngest son, Tim, moved to Brazil in January 2000, and located outside Center Point in May of that year.

Since then, our son has graduated from Northview High School and completed four years at Indiana State University, gotten married and moved away. This continues to be home to my wife and myself and we want to express our comments on the improvements that have taken place under the leadership of Mayor Bradshaw.

A lot of needed city projects have been finished through her guidance as well as Stacey Gibbens and council representatives.

Being in position as mayor is a big commitment. As a part of this community, I have looked for ways to help our officials.

Two years ago, when Mayor Bradshaw called for a clean-up the city day, our church, along with many other volunteers, met with her and Stacey Gibbens to receive our instructions.

To my surprise, these two ladies chose to stay with us and help get the job done. What a great example of initiative, responsibility and determination. We were known as a TEAM, together; each accomplishes more.

I'm sure there are many others who would offer their help if they knew where and when next time.

Ladies, your hard work did not go unnoticed.

We are quite proud of the new sidewalks and love the wide paved Pinckley Street, the water lines extending outside the city limits, and a proposed water tower. The list goes on.

A sincere thank you to Mayor Bradshaw and her co-workers for setting many goals for the improvements in Brazil and seeing they were accomplished.

You are in inspiration because you make things happen.

Pastor Olin Strader,

Crossroads Baptist Church,