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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas 2010 we were gifted with The Fruit Company's exclusive monthly "Harvest Club of America" membership.

Each month we will look forward to tasty fruits delivered directly to our doorstep.

Thanks to the thoughtfulness of our daughter, Starla Sartor-May and her husband Bruce May. The first shipment arrived yesterday.

The sizable, sweet navel oranges are delicious, unlike anything we find in some our local supermarkets.

The orange rinds of the sweet fruit are undergoing the drying process. They will add zest to baked goods, later.

In February, we will treat our taste buds to Columbian Red d' Anjou pears.

As per schedule and order we will receive, in the months that follow: sugar red grapefruit, golden supreme apples, golden pineapple, mountain blueberries, dark sweet cherries, Oregon peaches, scarlet nectarines, Imperial Asian pears and Fuji apples.

The last shipment comes to us in December. The sustainable box will house Webster Comice pears.

My freezers hold in store fruits and vegetables provided by our trees and last year's garden.

Thanks to Tucker's Farm Produce, we are still enjoying beautiful strawberries, also.

Last spring's harvest of raspberries and the blackberries that ripened later are not as abundantly in store this winter, however; a sufficient amount claims a corner of the shelf.

Nowadays, it is so important to plant a garden.

The costs of fruits and vegetables are skyrocketing and some stores aren't bringing in quality produce for their customers. Some large chains are not maintaining the produce sections in the stores.

For instance, I am disappointed with celery, cabbages and head lettuce. Someone suggested wrapping celery in foil to lengthen it's life, in the vegetable keeper, but if the leafstalks of the herb are stressed to start with, it will lose ground quickly.

Some times a fruit or vegetable will appear to be in good shape in the store, but when the skin or leaves are peeled away, it is clear to see the item has been touched by frost or worse, frozen. I find that problem in apples.

I don't even want to talk about those, poorly graded and culled out, potatoes that I carry home.

We are supposed to eat healthy. That is true, but if certain stores are to set an example and get things rolling, they should clean up their acts first.

Stop dipping into the dumpsters of the world to stock the produce sections of your stores.

I see one fine man rolling over in his grave. If he were to see some of his brain child's produce departments, today, heads would surely roll and I am not just talking about lettuce and cabbages.

If we must pay higher prices for the above mentioned items and others; give us better and more for our dollars. We, as customers deserve that much!

The old Hobart oil furnace is keeping the little blue house at the end of the road warm and cozy this snowy and cold winter season.

Our fuel provider, Ceres Solutions and their dependable driver, Dan Barr delivers a good product and service.

Oil prices are climbing, but with the help of the Heat Surge heater; we will be fine.

Paul Baby theorized another reason that our little house is so warm in winter. The house is full of furniture, pictures, collectables and treasures of the past. Few spaces are available to accept cold air. I call it "blocking."

Proper weatherization helps, too. We cover our cracks!

The Sartors and others consider this little haven a warm home, in all seasons, and that comes about at no cost.

Our little Tootie Mae agrees to the same, in her own way.

Now I must return to the book that is resting on the marble topped table beside the easy chair.

I am reading "Amazing Grace." The author is John Pollock. Among the evangelical biographer, historian and clergyman's many books listed to his credits is a two-volume authorized biography of Billy Graham.

The story that holds my interest is based on Newton's private handwritten journals. It is about the life and times of the sinner, atheist and slave trader that becomes a beloved preacher, social reformer and writer of beautiful hymns, including "Amazing Grace" and "How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds."

This dramatic story of a man that was transformed by God's grace is truly a good read.

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com