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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This Saturday morning, I checked to see what was happening outside. Snow was coming down, steadily. An accumulation of the white stuff was sitting on the thick ice cover that is already glued to the ground.

I have chosen to stay inside of the little blue house at the end of the road ever since the ice storm.

Factoring in the results of my bone density test and considering bad experiences during other ice and snow events in the past; I prefer to remain inside until Monday.

Paul missed work the day following the ice storm. Sizable limbs fell across the road and here and thereabouts of the property.

It seem to be all of the debris and repair work will be easily handled when time and weather permits.

The heavily ice-laden boughs of the cedars struggled to hold onto their life source. Birds sought sanctuary amid the least weighted down portions of the branches.

I appreciate the westernmost kitchen window that faces the cedar windbreak and the farmer's barren field at times like these and more; anytime. Wildlife is always moving about.

The barred rocks were fine. We were concerned that a already stressed box elder, near their hen house, would fall on the roof, but that did not happen. No stars will shine on the roost.

It is clear to me that Mother Nature shook them up a bit. Paul brought in some nice large brown eggs from the nests of the plump black and white hens.

The birddog's tarp was ice covered, but the fencing beneath it helped support the layer of frozen precipitation that Caesar's master later removed.

Paul plucked a dead, partially petrified mouse from a newly opened bag of a name brand dog food and hurled the little stinker across the rink toward the woods.

The rabbit resting comfortably in his pen in the shed didn't have a clue anything was happening outside. He was burrowed deep in his straw-filled box.

My husband handles ice fairly well. The spry little devil skims over the surface like a leaf on fast moving water.

Times like these, he does add ice grippers to the soles of his boots and shoes.

I worried the electric lines or transformer would fail us. The ice covered lines sagged like the belly of a sway back mare.

Later in the day, two brave squirrels ventured out into the field. I worried they would return to the lines and/or transformer and either fry or set off another action. That did not happen.

The new flag waved, proudly, before the ice and wind disregarded her significance and defaced her beauty.

The tall white metal flagpole is slightly bent and our symbol of freedom is tattered and torn. Old glory will be replaced.

The next day after the storm Paul was scheduled to work. He pulled the car out of the garage and became stuck as he was pulling out onto Elm Street. He remedied his problem and was on his way toward a very slow business day.

Now back to my concerns about this latest snow event. Paul began his Saturday schedule at 1 p.m. today. He will close tonight at 9 a.m.. Driving may be a challenge.

My grandsons are on the road transporting one of Starla's cars from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Indiana. I am tracking their progress via Facebook.

I add very little to the comments of my friends and family that sign on to the website. I would not consider myself, a nosy person, either, but I truly enjoy reading about what matters to them each day.

I pray for the sick, grieve for lost loved ones and rejoice at the triumphs and gains of all.

Photos are nice to view. My grandchildren, great grandchildren and others appreciate photography, as is apparent. They share!

Imagine this -- my face is on the site, three or four times, thanks to my granddaughter, Lindsay Terry and, my grandson, Daniel Risk's bride-to-be, Miss Amber Schwarzkopf.

Maybe, you would rather think spring.

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by email pmlsartor@aol.com.