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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Harmony Town Council has completed the application to ask for a grant to install tornado sirens. They will hold a meeting on Tuesday evening, March 1, to go over the application and get it sent to the proper authorities. I don't have information on when they will know if they have received the grant. Council meetings are held at the Community Center on the first Tuesday of each month. We need those sirens.

Is it spring yet? I spent all of Sunday afternoon chipping a path to my vehicle so that I could make a trip to the grocery on Monday. I felt so sorry for people having to de-ice vehicles each morning to go to work. Retirement has its advantages during the bad weather.

I still don't have a new computer. My mind was made up on getting the Mac Book. I headed over to Computer Plus, the only dealer for miles, to sign on the dotted line. Surprise, they closed early. Bigger surprise a week later to find the store bare. They were out of business.

I have been told there is an excellent store at Bloomington but don't know if I want to deal with a business that far away. Buying online means I don't have anyone to go to if there is a problem. I have to do something before this old thing crashes. It is a bulging file cabinet standing on one leg.

My computer is so old that surfing the Internet is more like jamming the surfboard into the sand. If the Happenings disappear, you will know that Columbus reincarnated and came back to retrieve his Compaq Presario 1200.

Harmony United Methodist Women (HUMW) met at the church on Monday, Jan. 24. The weather reports were so bad that President Sheila TerMeer debated on whether to cancel the meeting. Barbara Pell, Pastor Terry and Becky Jeffers, Sheila TerMeer, and Gail Roach were the only members to attend.

Barbara reported that all pledge checks had been sent to various organizations. We had received thank you notes from the Lebanon Children's Home and S.O.S. One check had been returned because we could not get a correct address for the organization. It was decided just to send that money to S.O.S., too.

Gail Roach distributed the minutes and they were approved. Gail prepared thank you letters to businesses that donated items for the raffle in November. Members addressed the cards and wrote a personal note in each one.

Sheila reported that she had sent the HUMW report to the district. They had asked for our charter date. We had found the charter dated 1968 but also found records of the Women's Society, as it was called then, going back to 1959. It would be interesting to find out how long Methodist women had been meeting and working at Harmony.

The group decided to invite Lila Waugh back for another visit. Lila is the Education Chairperson at Memorial in Terre Haute. She gave a presentation for us a couple of years ago. There were some items on our new HUMW Objectives List that we did not understand. Lila is very good at explaining these objectives.

The district leaders had mailed information about various meetings and schools in the upcoming months. It was decided that we would try to attend the meeting at Greencastle this summer.

HUMW needs Response Magazines for two of our yearly meetings. Two subscriptions would take too much out of our money for missions. We discussed borrowing copies from the district's library or getting some older, out-of-date copies from one of the larger churches. Older magazines still have very worthwhile information.

Pastor Terry checked on Response Magazines the next day and found that we could buy 1-2 copies and not subscribe for the entire year. Methodist Women's Organizations, at smaller churches like ours, often do this to save funds.

A spiritual retreat was discussed for next June. Pastor would like to have the group travel to Clifty Falls State Park for a few days and then to the Creation Museum. It was suggested that HUMW do the morning devotions each day and prepare a breakfast snack for the first day of travel. More will be discussed at the next meeting.

Pastor thought that a caravan to the retreat would keep down costs but, if there is a sizable group, we might arrange a small bus with Turner Coaches.

Another topic was the yard sale that has been postponed repeatedly. It was decided that the National Road Yard Sale weekend would be a good time. We could catch the traffic passing through Harmony. I need to check those dates before the next meeting. It certainly would be a good time for a combination yard sale/bake sale at the church.

We passed around the sign-up sheet for hostess and lesson for the coming months. Mayme Johnson-Cox will be hostess for the February meeting. I will do a lesson from the HUMW Program Book. Pastor said he would order the Program Book the next day so it would arrive in time to prepare the lesson.

HUMW still has several openings for hostess and lesson for this year. Find a friend and volunteer. Contact me at 448-8734 to put your name on the list. No stampedes please.

We did not have anyone assigned for lesson or hostess for the January meeting. Everyone brought a snack to share. We had talked about giving more help to S.O.S. during the coming year. Pastor suggested that we concentrate on one or two missions rather than trying to help with so many causes.

We had heard from Jenny Chamberlain that S.O.S. was trying to set up a home for women who were victims of domestic abuse. I shared several statistics on battered women. The materials were from the National Seminar of Methodist Women that was held in Nashville, Tenn., in 2007. We presumed that most of the figures, unfortunately, would apply to our area, too.

Everyone is invited to HUMC this Sunday to hear Ansil Harpold. Harpold, from A.R.M. Ministries, will do a one-man concert during Worship Service. He will stay to share his experiences during Sunday School. A.R.M. Ministries is a prison outreach program.

Happy Birthday to Bob Osborn (10th), Debbie Akers (12th), Pat Killion (14th), Michael Maurer (18th), Lori Pell (25th), and Ron Stanfield (27th).