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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The snow and ice will be gone soon. Water is dripping off of the little blue house at the end of the road leaving sizable puddles below.

I saw a handsome blue jay checking out his reflection in the clear run-off. A look-a-like buddy found the stale wheat bread that I threw out earlier. Others came and partook of the short lived feast.

The sun's rays touched my face like a warm hand on a cold night. I smiled at that. It felt good to be out and about in my out of doors space. The air is ever so fresh and walking is becoming easier, less guarded.

There will be much to do in the spring or sooner. I know that for sure. Limbs are everywhere. Some trees were topped or worse.

Paul left the house shortly after noon. Tonight is Family & Friends night at Sears. He will not be returning home until later this evening. Therefore, I decided to take advantage of this weather and linger longer.

I cut an igloo's worth of ice blocks from the stressed canvas on the chicken pen. Then I freed the metal chicken catcher that my late father fashioned for me once.

The useful tool was buried in a thick ice covered grave.

I tended to the needs of my poultry, straightened out the bent rod and hung it on the chain linked fence, by the gate. All too soon my chores were done.

In broad daylight, the same ratty looking male opossum scurried from the path and disappeared beneath the henhouse. He doesn't know it, but I plan to send him packing.

About that time, Caesar, our birddog became very excited and barked loudly, at what I thought to be birds or squirrels. That pointer is a smart one.

Upon further investigation three dogs of different breeds ran down the access road and headed for the woods.

This is the time of the year that people get lazy when it comes to tethering-up their pets.

Could be, those canines are as tired as I am of being cooped up. Nevertheless, two dogs is enough for me to worry about.

I want to thank the mail carriers for the good service that they provided during and since the bad weather.

UPS and Fed-ex drivers gave good service too. The condition of the driveway was not at its best for a time.

I thank the City Street Department for their work on our street.

For years Paul cleared Elm Street as far south as Strain Street with the blade attached to his Craftsman tractor. Now the old workhorse on wheels is in disrepair and arthritis and breathing problems places Paul Baby in the same boat.

We shovel and salt, slip and slide and stumble and fall. We get up, shake it off, check for breakage and laugh at ourselves.

Sometimes the eggs scramble before we reach the house. The water bucket loses its contents, before it fills the destinations of intention.

Funny thing, there is no one around us out here. Still, when accidents occur, we always look around, red faced, to see if anyone is looking.

Caesar, our dog, has witnessed all of that several times. He shows no emotion.

I believe we will still see some more cold weather, perhaps a couple of snow events too.

Some old timers tell me to look for a wet spring. Others see it differently.

I know it pays to dress accordingly. My mother was highly against "fanning off" as she put it. We might have experienced fewer colds or flu-like symptoms by practicing what our protector preached.

We were kids and kids don't always follow such rules and suggestions. Who would want to dress differently, when everyone else was "fanning off?"

When we did fall ill, she would remind us of the forewarning.

The contents of the Vicks Vapor Rub jar and the bottles of cough medicine were fairly well drained by the time the grass turned green and the birds of spring began to dance and sing.

I can still taste those Smith Brother's cough drops and feel warm rags and more, an unlucky goose's grease on my chest, before the above mentioned salve was the "spread over'' of choice.

Sometimes those pieces of unbleached muslin was more than warm when she grabbed them off of the lid of the cook stove's reservoir and placed them where they would do the most good. I never could figure out why she sent the sick down into the cool cellar to fetch the goose grease jar before we went to bed. Truth is, our mom feared mice, to a fault!

Geneva Lynch was the best nurse in the whole world. I loved the attention and survived to tell about it.

Here I am and now I go to check out the Valentine that I purchased for myself, just because.

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by e-mail at pmlsartor@aol.com.