Letter to the Editor

Tabs keep helping the needy

Monday, February 21, 2011
(From left) Tom Fulk and Eddie Dickison display pop can tabs that will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House.

To the Editor:

Shown in the picture are tabs donated by Curves, located in the Pell's Mall on National Avenue, Brazil.

Being put in the fifth million tabs awaiting shipment to the Indianapolis Ronald McDonald House.

Pictured are (from left) Tom Fulk and Eddie Dickison, holding those precious tabs, which help families to stay at the McDonald House even though they may not have enough money for the small fee charged there.

The tabs offset the cost for their stay while a loved one is in one of the area hospitals in Indianapolis.

Community Missionary Church has been collecting tabs and pop cans for several years when Rev. Wm. E. Brown, former pastor, was in charge of the church.

This project continues for "Rice for Haiti Children," using the pop cans for their food and the tabs for the McDonald House.

With the bad weather passing, perhaps you might have some pop cans and/or tabs that you would like to donate. Just phone our "Can Man," John Ellison, at 442-6954 and leave a message or call 448-2873 and "Sarge" will arrange to pick up or drop off at Bedwell Tire Company on National Avenue.

P.S. -- one million tabs is a pickup load in eight boxes the same size.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,