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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Harmony United Methodist Women will meet on Feb. 28 in Fellowship Hall. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Mayme Johnson-Cox will be the hostess and I will do the lesson. We have many plans to make so please try to attend. New members and visitors are always welcome.

Ash Wednesday Service for both Lena and Harmony will be at Lena this year. The service will start at 6:30 p.m., on March 9. That means Sunrise Service will be at Harmony on Easter morning.

Does it seem possible that we are talking about going into the season leading to Easter already?

Both Lena and Harmony Study Groups were planning to get together when I talked to Pastor Terry Jeffers on Wednesday morning. They were to meet for supper at Harmony on Wednesday evening. They will be starting a new study soon called "Jesus Final Week." It is an eight-week program.

United Methodist Men will meet at Bethel UMC on Saturday, Feb. 26. This was originally scheduled for Carbon. Note that it is changed to Bethel. All men are welcome to attend. Breakfast will be served at 8 a.m.

The Methodist Men's Lenten Breakfasts will begin soon. The gentlemen meet each Saturday morning leading up to Easter.

I tried out the new Harmony Diner last week and recommend the spinach salad and beer bread. A couple of new friends I met at lunch said the meatloaf dinner was really tasty, too. All the tables were full so several folks shared. It was a happy crowd.

Marty Schuch called a couple of days ago. He and his wife Leah are helping organize a trip to the Holy Land for Nov. 13-21. Prices vary a little but accommodations, if you stay two to a room, are a little over $3,000. The group plans to depart from Indy but folks from other areas could meet at the final stop before leaving the country.

Marty said they would have an informational meeting at the Y on April 12, at 6:30 p.m. The Schuchs are working with Collette Vacations. He will be glad to give you a brochure if interested. He will also have brochures available at the Clay County Retired Teachers Social on April 26. Marty said that going to the Holy Land was one of the items on his Bucket List, maybe on your list, too. Contact him at 239-0674

Clay County Retired Teachers will have an Executive Committee Meeting at my house on Tuesday, March 15. I am planning to serve a soup and sandwich, Irish style. Any member who wishes to bring a finger food or dessert is encouraged. We will be making plans for the April Social and conducting other business. The Social will be on Tuesday, April 26. More details will be available after the Executive Session. All retired teachers should mark April 26 on the calendar.

The Nominating Committee Meeting is rescheduled for March 1 at Harmony Diner for 11 a.m.

There wasn't room for all of this paragraph last week so here is a not-so-instant replay. We work in CCRTA but we have a great time, too. It is fun work. All retired teachers are invited to join us. Teachers who have not yet retired and spouses are welcome to join as associates. Membership dues are $5, due in the fall. Associates are $3. Dues can be paid to current treasurer Pat Wilkinson if you have not already paid for the 2010-11 year. This can also be done at the Executive Session or the Spring Social.

I was hit by the plague and had to cancel the CCRTA Nominating Committee meeting. Some folks call it the flu but, of course, mine was worse than anyone else's illness. One day I was fine and then spent the next three days in the little room down the hall. So far, my flu shot has not worked well.

Two weeks of respiratory nasty and fever ruined my birthday. I was well for about three days and the other extreme caught me. When everyone else was sick through Christmas, I was fine. Now, I have stayed home, drunk my juice, paid my dues, and been good. So, don't anyone breathe any germs on me. Mainly, I am tired of whining about it but that never stops me from continuing to whine.

It was good to know that Mike and Nancy Mace had moved back to the area. They lived in Savannah, Ga., for a number of years but always kept strong ties with Clay County family and friends. Hopefully, they will enjoy being back as much as we enjoy having them back. Hope to see you at Harmony UMC sometime soon.

There isn't time or space for one of my soapbox rants so please say a prayer for our politicians. Being a brat has become popular with them. If you say you hate everything and you won't cooperate with anyone, you might just get elected. I pray for some of those statesmen who took time from their real jobs to serve the country. They felt obligated to do their best for the America they loved. They argued but voted their conscience on what was best for the people. The wealthier felt an obligation to help their brothers with a hand up more often than a hand out.

Our current lawmakers would never have agreed on the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Each party would have had their own version. The new wanna bees, trying to get elected, would instead be bragging that they would never agree to those misguided papers. And if those papers did make it to law, they would see to it that the whole thing was overturned. Where does this tear it all up mentality come from? Elect the loudest (and richest) punk to congress.

The few level-headed people like Senator Luger seem to be getting retired whether they want to or not. I don't always agree with the senator but have confidence that he has made the decision he thinks is best under whatever circumstances. There are few politicians you can say that about these days.

Right now, I don't care whether it is a republican, democrat, or a tea bag. We need some intelligence in government to get government for real people not just the select controlling few. We're in trouble and we are repeating old mistakes that our forefathers tried to correct.

Soon only the wealthy will have good education opportunities. Old people and those with health problems will die in poverty due to some minor complication like not being able to afford an aspirin. Some middle and almost all lower classes will continue to work, not live, on their slave wages. No one thinks, they just buy the hype on TV. Whoever shouts the loudest and makes the most outrageous slanders against opponent wins. It is almost impossible to get an ethical person elected these days.

Good paying jobs would alleviate many problems. Satisfied people don't need drugs. Working should pay better than meth. Jobs won't totally solve the problem but it sure would help. Kids should again believe that working hard will make you successful. We need to give back dreams of a better life while we are still on this earth. We know the next life will be golden but 50 years without good food, clothing, shelter, and health is a very long time for over a fifth of our population. It is hard to look to the heavens when one foot is in hell.

Social Security would be fine if people were working and paying into it. It is not meant to be profitable. The more people working now pay for those who are retired, who have already paid. As long as it breaks even, it works. With a little restructuring, the program would be fine if young people were working for good wages. "Throw the baby out with the bath water," seems to be the popular strategy. Has anyone seen any real good come out of all this finger pointing and constant tear down of order?

The old and the young seem to be getting trampled by politics and screaming. And I wasn't going to get on that soapbox?

Venting helps, thanks for reading and your patience.