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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you experienced enough of this winter's weather?

I don't know about you, but I am still looking forward to warm sunshine and gentle breezes, the smells of green onions and daffodils. Violets will be nice too!

Last night even more limbs fell from the oak tree in my yard. The weeping willow did not fare well either. The limb pile is mounting higher.

The low spot in the field is flooded and the ditch that runs along my place is overflowing.

After the rain and wind subsided, several young deer exercised nibbling rights, near the pooled rainwater by the flagpole. The tender blades of green grass are beginning to emerge from the cold wet soil.

I checked to see if the corked bottle that fell behind on it journey northward contained a message that just might make my day. Unfortunately, only a small amount of liquid could be seen.

It is my duty to dispose of whatever floats or flies my way, beyond the cemetery. If it weren't ours to handle, we would still help the hard working workers of City of Brazil's street department.

A limb is hanging from the cedar that stands toward the front of the family plot in Restlawn. High wind topped the tree, previously

Yesterday, I witnessed two blue jays checking out a piece of pizza that I thought they might enjoy.

The birds pecked at the small wedge of pan, moved it about and rejected it, with good cause.

I must admit that the slice was far from "supreme." I think those birds were looking for toppings, not just an abundance of sauce and two or three pieces of vegetables, cut small.

This scale watcher shed six pounds this winter. Truth is, pizza was a bad idea me and for the birds.

Last week, while waiting in a major bank in Phoenix for a client our daughter Starla conversed with a security guard. In conversation, he ask where she was from. She told him that she was raised in Brazil, Indiana.

The bank guard said "I know all about Brazil. I was raised in Staunton."

During the brief exchange, he mentioned that The Brazil Times on-line is a must read everyday.

She was pleased to hear that he reads everything, including her mother' s "Brazil Buzz" every Thursday.

I am too!

I received several calls last week. I enjoy good conversation and reminiscing about the good old days with people that know and love Brazil and looking back like I do.

Whether you spread your pat of real butter with a sterling silver knife, in the day or can recall when you stirred your broth with a green foul tasting pot metal spoon; I enjoy your stories.

This old girl admires those folks whom find value in the simple pleasures of life.

Looking back at hard times as well as good times is good.

I wrote a poem a long time ago about a house that once stood closeby.

Looking Back

Looking back down that long - long road

Back to my childhood and our humble abode

It wasn't anything special to someone other than me

But the old house was a mansion and a wonderful place to be

Food on the table and crisp white sheets

Music at the piano and after school treats

Shadows on the wall from a flickering flame

Beautiful memories too many to name

A house full of laughter a house full of love

That old house of so long ago

Lives on in my mind and will never let go.

Mary Lou Lynch Sartor

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.