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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Clay County Retired Teacher's Association still needs someone to agree to be vice-president. This is a four-year commitment: two years as vice, and then two years as president. Once we get volunteers for all the offices, we will prepare a slate of candidates to be voted on at the Spring Social.

One good thing about the vice pres/pres. commitment is that you can't be asked to do a second term, at least not right away. I had it wrong last week when I said you could never be president again. After a few years, a person could serve again, if elected, but not succeed him/herself. Thanks to Odena Harper for clarifying the wording in our constitution.

I am hoping for a vice president with good computer and organizational skills to help me. After a year as vice myself, I take the big step in the fall, and will need all the help I can get, as president. We also need someone to be the Chairperson for the Public Relations Committee. Translated: We need someone to BE the Public Relations Committee.

The CCRTA Executive Committee met at my house on Tuesday, March 15 at 1 p.m. We discussed several items: Spring Social, committee reports, additions to committees, slate of officers, web page, and updates to our membership lists.

Odena Harper made a delicious chocolate kahlua cake. Jesse Pitts fixed oatmeal cookies and Carolyn Tausig brought deviled eggs. I had prepared a couple of Irish soup and sandwich type dishes. We did not starve during our meeting. Four people had to cancel due to various problems and conflicts but we still managed to get several things arranged or decided for CCRTA.

The Spring Social will be Tuesday, April 26 at the Riddell Bank Basement. Mark your calendars for 6 p.m. We will have a barbecue supper. Attendees don't have to bring anything but desserts and side dishes would certainly be appreciated. I need two more volunteers to make a big dish of potato salad. Mary Ann Froderman will make the baked beans and Carolyn Tausig will fix her tasty spaghetti salad.

Odena Harper had made a handy work list for us so we could get volunteers for everything from serving spoons to ice to coffee creamer. Those on my call list should be prepared, I am never shy about asking for things.

We always need items or services donated for the raffle, too. We always have good raffle items but sometimes it is difficult to come up with a variety of items that appeal to a broad range of people. Anyone wishing to donate something can call any of the officers: Jess Pitts, Carolyn Ledgerwood, Pat Wilkinson or me. Former officers Odena Harper or Tommy Dale Thompson will accept donated items, too.

With the raffle and dues, CCRTA has built up a large enough balance to partially fund a scholarship to a future teacher. We won't have enough to do this by ourselves but hope to add a few hundred dollars to another organization's scholarship fund. Hopefully, as membership increases, we will be able to give a $500 scholarship from our CCRTA. We will discuss it at the Social.

The only way we have to communicate with CCRTA members is through the call lists and the newspaper. Some folks live out of town, some have just moved back to town, some have switched to cell phones. Let someone know your contact information if you are not getting called about meetings. All of the Executive Committee members have a list to call but we all have people we cannot reach, too. All Clay County teachers are invited to join CCRTA even if they taught in another county.

Retired teachers have a good time at our socials/meetings but we also stay informed with what is happening at the state level. This helps us to understand what is going on with our pensions, legislation, etc.

The Indiana Retired Teachers Association has several benefits: reduced costs on cell phones, computers, rental cars, etc. A good number of us belong to both the state and local groups. Some belong to two state retired teachers associations: ISTA and ISTAR. Information on CCRTA and IRTA are always available at the meetings.

We hope to have a Legislative Chairperson, starting in September, to keep us informed. All the teachers planning to retire this year are invited to join us for our Spring Social, too. Check us out. New retirees get one year of free membership in CCRTA.

The entertainment for the CCRTA Spring Social will be Jim Albright who currently lives in Terre Haute. He was the last guard at Alcatraz and has written the book, "Last Guard Out." He will have books for sale and will autograph the copies.

Betty Julbert, Patty Escott, and I went to the Center Point UMC Fundraiser on March 6. We had such a good time. The group P150 performed. They were a little loud for my tastes but the music sure was lively and they shared a good message. Most groups are too loud for me.

After the concert, Chris Pell was auctioneer for all the cakes, pies, noodles, and homemade rolls. Chris could also double as a comedian/verbal pick pocket. He made sure the mission project was well funded. Even those who weren't buying, enjoyed the auction. Good job, Chris.

The group adjourned to their gym/fellowship area for the chili supper. It was good soup and delicious Texas sheet cake topped it off. The fundraiser did very well. They raised over $4000.

The money will be used for the Haiti Mission. The volunteers had built a small church/community room in the village about a year ago. They plan to add another room when they return this year.

Betty, Patty, and I enjoyed getting to visit with our former Pastor Bob and Carolyn Kumpf. Other friends Bob and Marsha Nicoson sat behind us during the concert and auction. It was a good day.

Jasper friends met me in Spencer a couple of weeks ago. We had lunch at Chambers Smorgasbord, always good. They saw quite a bit of high water on their way up, and I almost wet my pants crossing the Eel River Bridge, but we had a very nice visit. The day was perfect. Next time we plan to meet at Stoll's Lakeview in Loogootee. Friends are such a treasure and I feel very blessed.

My newspaper neighbor Mary Lou Sartor called last week. We talked about nothing and everything for about an hour. We read each other's columns but still it is good to catch up on the phone now and then. I don't know if we have ever actually met face to face although we know many of the same people. Thanks for the nice call, Mary Lou.

Harmony United Methodist Women will meet on Monday, March 28 in Fellowship Hall. The ladies are taking orders for RADA knives. We hope to have those ready to send in about April 1. We had not planned on having another sale this soon but we had requests for more knives.

If anyone has finished his/her RADA order, please bring the catalog to church on Sunday. We have 10 catalogs circulating with various people, and another one at the church, but we have other folks wanting one to take to work or school. Please pass it along when you are finished. Give me a call if you need more order forms or just copy the form. Thank you.

Pastor Terry Jeffers at HUMC is concentrating on a series of sermons about rocks leading up to Easter, when the stone is rolled away. Last Sunday he gave us all a chunk of white rock. The stones looked okay but left a multitude of chalky sins on our hands. His sermon was about rejection. Join us next Sunday.

Pastor Terry is planning a baptism during Good Friday services. If anyone wishes to be baptized or would like to renew their baptism, contact the pastor.

Our Sunday School is studying about Jesus miracles. Each Bible translation named them differently or placed them in a different order. Stoney Stitzle put them in chronological order, and gave us a handout, so we would all be studying the same miracle on the same day. Thanks to Stoney and thanks to Susie Morgan for leading the discussion and preparing the lesson. Read Mark 1:21-28 for this week.

Betty Julbert and I made some snacks for Sunday School last week. She brought fruit salad and square donuts. I baked Irish soda bread and ham slices to put on it.

We Roaches are Irish. Family and friends are gathering at my house on Saturday. I am cooking up a big pot of corned beef and cabbage. The house is decorated in green and most of the dust bunnies are temporarily halted. Last year's shamrocks are still smiling in their pots even though they had a pruning about a month ago. The only mad leprechauns are cardboard. Wishes for a Happy St. Patrick's Day to everyone, even those who are Irish for only one day a year.

Happy Birthday to Brenda Shorter & Christina Jones (17th), Cade Pell & Heidi Babkowski (24th), Cheryl Brinson & Jerri Bowman (25th), Anna Killion & Coleen Thompson, Phyllis Schlatter (28th).