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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Winter is in no hurry to give way to spring. I haven't noticed many woodland creatures frolicking in warm sunshine lately. Come to think of it; I haven't noticed much sunshine.

What is left of the weeping willow is greening nicely and the tiger lily's blades are springing up from their root beds. Robins are abundant.

The only activity on my neighbors field this week is ATV races. It appears that the three adult off- road vehicle operators and their passengers are having fun. Fact is, they are extending their race track to include a rugged trail that they carved out on our place. We clearly find trespassing, unacceptable.

The spills on the back acreage created by mining operations years ago rendered the parcel of land, an unsuitable playground.

The bird dog has been complaining about the racket also.

All concerned look forward to the farmer's spring planting, when once again; the grain will grow and the birds and bees can live in peace. We will too!

The water leak in the line along the ditch has been marked again. I remember when City water was brought down the road to the homestead and to our good neighbors, the Holechko family.

You would have thought we won the lottery.

Both families depended on wells on the premises and beyond for our water supply. When my dad and John Holechko picked up shovels, they didn't lean on them.

The determined men worked up a sweat and made a fine bed for a line to rest in. Little they knew then that the same pipe would serve us so long. Little they knew how much their wives and children appreciated the new water source. It truly was a simple pleasure realized.

Purchases of a shiny new nozzle and a long thick rubber garden hose followed. Imagine that!

No more water hauling, buckets and dippers, wet coaster wagon bed and no more water in our shoes.

Cold showers, on the run, on a hot summer's day provided by all that clean water surly was a blessing and so much fun. Even the beagles received a sprinkling.

I remember the Monday afternoon that we briefly lost our hosing rights. My brother Johnny Wayne and I sprayed our mom, at the clothesline, once and never again.

Mother would walk two miles to town to pay the monthly bill of a $1.00 for our million dollar gift from Dad.

But, many years later and after gallons and gallons of the best water that any city has to offer has run through its tired narrow corroded pipe, it needs more than a break. It needs a lift-out and replacement.

I can't use a cuff and a monitor to check the water pressure, but it is very low.

This is not the fault of this administration or others from the past.

Rather, I place the blame on time, limited funds and more reasons that factor in.

Look around the city, note the workers. I don't see anyone leaning on their shovels. Check out the progress and the improvements being made.

Men and women are working together to make a better Brazil.

If you have knowledge of where we have been, surely you can see the direction that we are headed.

Think of how long we have worried about the condition and appearance of the old water tower on North Vandalia. Well, it won't be long before the old rusty leaky walls and supports will be brought down, piece by piece and all traces of the tired old workhorse, history.

That's another "House" cleaning venture forthcoming.

No longer will we read the graffiti placed on the giant water tank. We will depend on our memory banks to store the stories, both lies and truths and naughty tales told on and by adventuresome youthful risk-takers. I knew most of them well!

Take a look at Pinckley Street. Feel the smoothness of your ride. That is a small measure of the work underway. Check out the addition of new and much needed fire hydrants.

Check out the beautiful well- maintained parks, the golf course, new construction, schools, churches, stores, medical facilities, beautiful funeral homes and so much more. Stop to smell the roses and count your blessings! This is our town!

God is good to give us so much.

Make no mistake, there is no greener grass.

We may not be the biggest town on the map or the richest, but never is there a day that I am not happy and proud to say "Brazil is my hometown!"

I have nothing but praise for the good that I see.

Thank you, Mayor Ann Bradshaw and staff for all that you do for this town. It is my pleasure to tell you that.

Now, I must look in on Paul Baby and Tootie Mae. The last time that I checked they were snoozing, comfortably, on the loveseat. The picture is worth a thousand words. I think that Norman Rockwell might have considered them for an artistic study - a good old barefoot boy and his little happy dog, sawing logs.

As for me, it is time to raid the refrigerator or the cookie container. Could be, both.

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.