Letter to the Editor

When enough is enough

Sunday, April 3, 2011

To the Editor:

Recently, there has been an outbreak of written and verbal attacks on our dedicated Clay Community School bus drivers.

There are accusations saying that they speed and put our children in danger.

Of course, the people doing the actual complaining must be a police officer, because they have the radar guns, and the accident reports to prove that our bus drivers are actually breaking the law.

I wonder how many bus drivers have actually received a citation for speeding. None.

I guarantee none of the people complaining have ever driven a school bus. If they had, they would not be writing anything but praise statements.

I suggest you apply to be an assistant driver, just for a month or so, and you will definitely be baptized by fire.

And you will gain a new respect for our truly professional drivers.

I have actually watched Stop Arm violators, swerve around a bus with the buses' lights flashing and a student standing in the road.

Then when the bus driver honks or yells at the car to stop they get the middle finger (international sign language) in a return gesture along with some swear words that I won't repeat.

Our bus drivers are doing this community a great service and until you have been in their shoes, I suggest you keep your comments to yourself.

Your children might be your little angels at home, but once they're out of your sight, most of them transform into little monsters. And our bus drivers have to put up with their unruling attitudes, plus goat trails for roads, and other people who refuse to obey the laws, which usually results into an accident, like the one that occurred earlier this week.

If you don't have a police report in your hand, how can you determine the facts?

Simple answer, you can't.

So why spread false truths, why attack the people who put their lives on the line every day to protect your children and transport them safely to school?

There is a simple solution: Take your own children to school and pick them up. This could possibly save the county some money, lighten the load on the over-crowded busses and then you could write letters crying about something else.

Wake up people!


Paul Wetnight,