Letter to the Editor

Employers need to help employees

Sunday, April 10, 2011

To the Editor:

We have many businesses today in an economy that are struggling to improve their customer service so customers will come to them, versus another competitor.

This is just an image they like to be seen as on the outside, but what really goes on behind this? Do they take care of their employees in the same way?

Recently, my daughter, who is an employee at (a local business) came to the parking lot at approximately 2 a.m., in the morning while working, to find both of her front tires had been punctured.

This is a 21-year-old college student that is asking no one for help in anything. She pays all her own car expenses, takes care of all her personal expenses, and does believe in going to work not asking for a hand out.

Both the (employer and another business) each said it would be under the person's insurance and no one would even take a report until I made a couple calls.

Still leaving her out here hanging about what is going to happen as her car sits right at the main entrance (oh, and the cameras are missing and don't see the main entrance).

It is pretty sad that two major businesses who are pulling in thousands and even millions of dollars a year cannot protect or even help their own that are assisting them in making that money while they are only paid minimum wage and staying up all night to do it.

I remember when (another business) went in and how it would be so good for our area. Well, let's see, no business is brought to Brazil from it. The customers are interstate traffic and their contribution to the city and county stops after they get back on Interstate-70.

Most of the jobs are minimum wage and I dare ask if any of the management are even originally hired from the local employment pool or brought in.

I myself grew up in a business family which lived with the practice of "taking care of your employees and they will take care of you" with loyalty, but this seems to be a thing of the past.

The (business' insurance) did contact my daughter and asked her why do you think we should pay? Her answer was because I would not have been there if I hadn't been working. They declined to help.

Out of goodwill, you would think the owner of this store would do it. (The owner) has yet to give any type of answer and you cannot get anyone on the phone. But until I called, they didn't even want to do an incident report.

I would like to give a cheer to (another business). My oldest daughter had a similar thing happen when she was at work and (the business) took care of everything for my daughter.

So I guess my advice to not only my children, but others seeking employment, is this might be a good question to ask. What if something happens to me or my property while I am on shift working to make you money. What will you do?

Am I on my own or do you really care?

Gwen Guerrettaz,