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Bloomquist claims Icebreaker; Hines opens with Lawrenceburg win

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chris Nunn

Brownstown Speedway press release

BROWNSTOWN, Ind. -- Derek Groomer and Doug Adkins made up the front row for the $1,000 to win UMP Modified feature event with Groomer leading lap one over Adkins. Matt Boknecht took the second spot away from Adkins on lap two, only to see Adkins fight back to the outside on lap three. A multi-car pileup in turns one and two brought out the caution on lap four. On the restart, Groomer took off to the lead with Boknecht and Adkins in tow. Devin Gilpin moved low to battle Adkins for the third spot before the caution flew for the spun machine of Dennis Boknecht on lap six. When racing resumed, Gilpin moved around Boknecht for the second spot on lap seven. Behind them, tenth starting Nick Allen had moved into the third position, getting around Michael England and Matt Boknecht on lap nine. The caution flew for the third time on lap 11 for the spun car of Greg Amick in turn four. On the restart, Allen moved around Gilpin for the second spot as the caution flew again, this time for Richie Lex in turn four. When the green flew on the restart, Groomer led a two wide battle for second between Allen and GIlpin. At the halfway point it was Groomer, Allen, GIlpin, Ryan Thomas, and Boknecht rounding out the top five. With nine laps to go, Groomer held a ten car length advantage over Allen. Another yellow flew on lap 16, as Mark Andersen spun in turn two. Groomer led the field to the green on the restart, and pulled out to a four car advantage over Allen and Gilpin. WIth five laps to go, Groomer held a comfortable advantage over Allen, who himself held a half straight advantage over Thomas who was in third. Groomer was able to parlay his advantage over the field to the victory, crossing the finish line ahead of Allen, Thomas, Clint Demoss, and Boknecht

Tracy Hines claims victory at Lawrenceburg Speedway on Saturday.
(Tim Thomas photo)
Jason Hehman and Tim Clark led the UMP Super Stock feature to the green flag with Hehman leading the first lap over Clark and Randy Petro. Jason Combs moved to the fourth spot, just before the caution flew for John Trowbridge in turn four. Hehman led Clark and Petro to the restart on lap four. Hehman opened up an immediate three car advantage over the field as the caution flew for James Ruddick in turn three on lap five. On the restart, a three way battle for second between Petro, Clark, and David Brewer took place, with Clark holding second, and Brewer taking third from Petro on lap seven. The top three remained the same as the field clicked off lap ten, with Hehman holding just a carlength advantage over Clark. With ten to go, the top three ran nose to tail, with Clark and Brewer on the tailtank of Hehmans car. Brewer and Clark ran side by side for second on lap 17, with Clark holding the advantage. The caution flew for the spun car of Brad Ray on lap 18 in turn four. On the restart, Clark and Brewer ran door to door for the second spot as they came around to complete lap 19. Brewer took the second spot from Clark with five to go. Clark fought back to the low side and took second back from Brewer on lap 21. Brewer, however, took the second spot back as the three fought for the lead. Hehman was able to hold off the hornets nest behind him to pick up the $1,000 payday.

Steven Watson and Bubba Woods led the Bomber field to the green in their 25 lap feature event with Woods leading the first lap by a car length over Watson. Aaron Fields and Josh Turner battled for third on lap three, with Turner taking the spot coming out of turn four. Turner then took moved in to battle Watson for the second spot just as the caution flew for an accident in turn three on lap five. On the restart, Turner took second from Watson. Watson then spun in turn three, causing a pileup in turn three. On the restart, Woods took a three car advantage over Turner to complete lap six. Fields moved under Turner to take second on lap seven, with Mike Burch and Nathan Baker battling for fourth. The caution flew again on lap nine, but as the field slowed, a lapped car caused issues with the leaders, ending Woods night with a broken rear end. This gave Fields the lead on the restart. As the field took the halfway signal it was Fields, Baker, Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, and Burch rounding out the top five. Fields began to open up a large lead over Baker, only to have the yellow fly on lap 15. On the restart, Turner officially took the lead on lap 16, only to see Fields take the spot back on the following circuit. The caution flew on lap 18 as Brent Lee spun in turn four, collecting Dave Robinson in the process. After numerous cautions, Fields was able to take the win over Turner, Baker, Pardue, and Watson



HEAT ONE: Derek Groomer, Michael England, Clint Demoss, Jacoby Hines, Larry Booher, Rocky Wilson, Josh Harris, Bryan Barber, Matt Bex

HEAT TWO: Doug Adkins, Billy Cooper, Nick Allen, Jamie Lomax, Brent Londeree, Bryan Fiscus, Jack Young, Tony Blair, Mark Lamont

HEAT THREE: Matt Boknecht, Greg Amick, Ryan Thomas, Mark Anderson, Derek Bunning, Jeff Bland Jr, Randy Moore, Mike Bechelli

HEAT FOUR: Devin Gilpin, Rob Penny, Jerry Davis, Richie Lex, Dennis Boknecht, Kyle Schornick, Nathan Voorhies, Jeremy Owens

CONSI ONE: Dennis Boknecht, Kyle Schornick, Nathan Voorhies, Derek Bunning, Jeremy Owens, Mike Bechelli

CONSI TWO: Jack Young, Brent Londeree, Bryan Fiscus, Rocky Wilson, Larry Booher, Tony Blair, Josh Harries

FEATURE: Derek Groomer, Nick Allen, Ryan Thomas, Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, Devin Gilpin, Jamie Lomax, Jack Young, Greg Amick, Jerry Davis, Jacoby Hines, Kyle Schornick, Dennis Boknecht, Rob Penny, Mark Anderson, Michael England, Richie Lex, Doug Adkins, Billy Cooper, Brent Londeree


HEAT ONE: Jason Hehman, Randy Petro, Brad Ray, Jamey Wilson, John Trowbridge, Jeremy Hines, Bobby Davis, Tom Ault

HEAT TWO: Tim Clark, Dave Brewer, Tim Schumpe, Troy Clark, Josh Phelps, Greg Roberts, Duane Brown, Chris Hillman

HEAT THREE: Rusty Smiley, Jason Combs, Justin Hammond, Brad Cummings, Steve Peeden, Jamie Ruddick, Mark Vanwinkle, Rick Gumm

CONSI: Greg Roberts , Duane Brown, Tom Ault, Jamie Ruddick, Mark Vanwinkle

FEATURE: Jason Hehman, David Brewer, Tim Clark, Tim Schumpe, Troy Clark, Randy Petro, Brad Cummings, Tom Ault, Steve Peeden, Greg Roberts, Duane Brown, Josh Phelps, Brad Ray, Rusty Smiley, John Trowbridge, Jamie Ruddick, Jason Combs, Justin Hammond, Jamie Wilson, Mark Vanwinkle


HEAT ONE: Steven Watson, Jim Pfeiffer, Mike Burch, Josh Hayes, Brent Lee, Dave Robinson, Clay Ellison, Jason Combs

HEAT TWO: Bubba Woods, Levi Lokey, Davey Waggoner Jr, Ron Denson, Mark Bruce, Darren Crawhorn, Shane Batman, Breezy Pardue

HEAT THREE: Aaron Fields, Josh Turner, Nathan Baker, Todd McDonald, Ronnie Pardue, Matt McGinnis, Jack Turner

FEATURE: Aaron Fields, Josh Turner, Nathan Baker, Ronnie Pardue, Steven Watson, Jim Pfeiffer, Mark Bruce, Josh Hayes, Todd McDonald, Davey Waggoner Jr, Ron Denson, Levi Lokey, Jack Turner, Brent Lee, Dave Robinson, Mike Burch, Matt McGinnis, Bubba Woods, Clay Ellison

Brownstown Speedway

Indiana Icebreaker

Lucas Oil Late Model feature

1. Scott Bloomquist, 2. Don O'Neal, 3. Earl Pearson Jr., 4. Brian Birkhofer, 5. Jimmy Owens, 6. Mike Marlar, 7. Bub McCool, 8. Brad Neat, 9. Dale McDowell, 10. Chris Wall, 11. Ray Cook, 12. Dennis Erb Jr., 13. Steve Francis, 14. Shannon Babb, 15. John Blankenship, 16. Jared Landers, 17. Scott James, 18. Tim Isenberg, 19. Steve Casebolt, 20. Dillan White, 21. Greg Johnson, 22. Dan Schlieper, 23. Tyler Reddick, 24. Eric Wells, 25. Joe Janowski, 26. Kent Robinson, 27. Dustin Neat

UMP Modified feature

1. Derek Groomer, 2. Nick Allen, 3. Ryan Thomas, 4. Clint Demoss, 5. Matt Boknecht, 6. Devin Gilpin, 7. Jamie Lomax, 8. Jack Young, 9. Greg Amick, 10. Jerry Davis, 11. Jacoby Hines, 12. Kyle Schornick, 13. Dennis Boknecht, 14. Rob Penny, 15. Mark Anderson, 16. Michael England, 17. Richie Lex, 18. Doug Adkins, 19. Billy Cooper, 20. Brent Londeree


Lawrenceburg Speedway

Sprint car feature

1. Tracy Hines, 2. Chris Windom, 3. Coleman Gulick, 4. Brett Burdette, 5. Andrew Elson, 6. Casey Riggs, 7. Joss Moffatt, 8. Chad Boespflug, 9. Ted Hines, 10. Logan Hupp, 11. Dickie Gaines, 12. Mark Perry III, 13. Brandon Whited, 14. Seth Motsinger, 15. Jonathan Hendrick, 16. Michael Fischesser, 17. Jimmy Stinson, 18. Jason Soudrette, 19. Chuck Wilson, 20. Mike Weber

Modified feature results

1. Weasel Rhoades, 2. Joey Kramer, 3. Scotty Kincaid, 4. JD Largent, 5. Steve King, 6. Rick Bingham, 7. Brad Wieck, 8. Tony Anderson, 9. Mark Kaetzel Jr., 10. Roger Williams, 11. Pete Holt, 12. Broc Burton, 13. Shawn Scott, 14. Jeff Arnold, 15. Steve Pyles, 16. Sean Johnson, 17. Nick Hodges, 18. Matt Hamilton, 19. Jeff Harris, 20. Dustin Webber