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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Harmony United Methodist Church will host an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 23 starting at 11 a.m. Lena will have their egg hunt at 2 p.m. French's have rescheduled their event. I think it is held behind Lawson's. Check to be sure, but I think it is this Saturday.

Celebration Christian Center is having their egg search at Riley Elementary School on April 23. Kids from toddler age to 6th-grade are encouraged to register at 1 p.m., with the hunt starting at 2 p.m. One of the prizes at Riley will be a bicycle.

Continue to make contributions to help the people of Japan through the Methodist Church. Most churches are helping in some way. Harmony Methodist will accept donations through the month of April.

Pastor Terry Jeffries attended a meeting at the Creation Museum in Hebron, Kentucky and came back with renewed enthusiasm for the trip that is being planned for June 18. Pastor had a brochure and will show a short video at the Methodist Women's meeting on April 25.

Sheila TerMeer and her mother Mayme Johnson-Cox sorted pictures after church last Sunday. Ladies were asked to bring pictures of themselves as little girls and the other little girls in their lives. Pastor Terry will create a PowerPoint for the Mother/Daughter Banquet scheduled for May 2. If anyone forgot the pics, please bring them to church on Sunday. The theme this year is "Thank Heaven for Little Girls".

Ladies from other Methodist Churches are always invited to join our Methodist Women's Group. Just call the church 448-2917 if you want to attend so we know how many will be eating.

I am supposed to circulate the sign-up sheet and invitations for the Mother/Daughter Banquet. If all goes well, that should be ready by Sunday, computer willing.

My new computer seems to be related to my washing machine. My seemingly smart decision to go with a company at Terre Haute meant I could not get the MacBook that I really wanted. That business went out of business a few months ago. The closest Apple store was too far if I had any problems or so I thought.

Little did I know that the local people only assist you for two weeks. Then you have to contact the computer maker anyway. I might as well have bought on line, spent the extra bucks, gotten the Mac, and had less frustration.

I keep going back to my old 2000 Compaq when I get tired of messing with this new guy. Can you tell that I am writing on the new one? If I stop to think and relax my fingers on the newbie, my paragraphs start to move before my very eyes.

One of the reasons I went with this model is that it is supposed to be good with all those pictures I take. However, this thing even yells at me in pictures. It pops up a hand with an X on it to complain that I am resting my hands on its too sensitive little self. Or maybe that is to tell me it wants to be off now?

Hopefully, I will have learned the new invitation maker and figured out how to hook up the old printer to the new computer before Sunday. If not, the church ladies may have to sign a sheet of notebook paper if they plan to come to the banquet.

It is time to get back to the news. Pastor Terry has continued his sermons about rocks. You wouldn't think that you could get much mileage out of that topic but Pastor has given us good messages each week. He challenged us to decide how we felt about Jesus this week -- not what we are supposed to say -- but how we really feel. Think about it.

Our Sunday School Class at HUMC has been studying the Miracles. We are on the 5th or 6th one in chronological order. It has been a very interesting study. We read the related scripture each week, explore the history, and discuss how the people might have felt at the time.

Suzy Morgan has been our Sunday School teacher for most of thelessons. David Brinson took over this past Sunday and Rita Jones will direct us the next time Suzy may have to miss.

The Brinson's and I will be fixing breakfast for the group next Sunday. I plan to bake a new recipe for an egg and turkey bacon casserole. It sounded yummy to me. David and Cheryl will surprise us with the accompaniments.

A big thank you to Patty Escott and Suzanne Neier. They each helped me, almost a full day, on preparing bulletin boards and other displays for Fellowship Hall. Suzanne even robbed her flower beds of gorgeous daffodils for the altar in the sanctuary. Of course, all the bulletin boards have pictures of rocks to go with the sermons. We're rock solid on this theme.

Several people took home a bag of plastic eggs to fill with goodies for the Easter Egg Hunt. About half the box of orbs was taken but many more people need to fill eggs this week. The kids look forward to searching for them. Don't be a bunny Grinch, fill those eggs, folks.

Reminders: Save change for Crisis Pregnancy Center. Save pull tabs for Ronald MacDonald, Save Pepsi screw tops for SOS. Save everything sellable for the yard sale on June 4.

United Methodist Men from the area will have a Lenten Breakfast at Peniel this Saturday, April 16. Breakfast starts at 8 a.m.

Harmony will hold its annual town wide clean-up on Saturday, April 23. Members of the Town Council will have arranged for dumpsters to be available for anyone who needs to dispose of almost any yard waste. This is the time to get rid of larger pieces, too.

Take your trash to the VB Township Firehouse between the hours of 9 a.m.-1 p.m. The rain date will be April 30. Except for large items like tables or refrigerators, the trash should be placed in plastic bags.

Tires are accepted but you will be charged $2 for those. Most everything else is free. This is for Harmony residents only. We have a great little town. Let's keep it that way and get it all spruced up for Easter.

Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Warren Bell on the 18th.

Happy Birthday David Brinson & Jim Cox (14th), Virginia Mathis & Dan Dierdorf & Zach Escott (15th), Becky Jeffers & Avery Wolfe & Kathleen Sanders (17th), Jason Pell & Sara Kester (20th), Erie Bell (22nd), Debbie Jones (24th), Gail Weaver (27th), Mitch Maurer (28th), Damien (29th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

April 17 -- Palm Sunday Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

April 19 - Bowling at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

April 20 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Study Group 6:30 p.m.

April 22 -- Good Friday Service, Renew Baptism

April 23 -- Easter Egg Hunt 11 a.m.

April 25 -- HUM Women 7 p.m.