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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

People are finding a few mushrooms now. I haven't been out and about doing that sport which comes naturally in our area this time of the year.

Fact is, there much outside work to do this week and beyond. I think that I will give them a few days before I show some the inside of my Walmart bag.

Of course, I could drop everything at a moments notice, if my old hunting habits lures me toward the woods sooner.

Green onions and wild greens galore dot the landscape. My stomach said that's a no-no this year. I know my mom would understand.

The large expanse of land beside the little blue house at the end of the road is being prepared for spring planting. The smell of damp disked earth fills my nostrils. I like that!

Each year I wonder if the farmer will plant corn or beans. This year I think corn might be the grain of choice. Either is a welcomed neighbor.

We need to be preparing our garden space, as well. There is never a question as to what we will plant or which of us will do the work.

Gardening is a fun experience from beginning through harvest for both of us. We sow good seeds. That leads to a healthy store for us and baskets of good deeds for others in the summer and fall.

Talk about good deeds -- a customer came into Sears, Saturday evening, to buy a Craftsman lawn tractor. The associate showed the young handicapped man all of the features of the piece of equipment.

It was apparent, the customer liked what he saw. The price of nearly $1,000 presented a problem.

He said that his mother was at another location in the mall. He would need to consult her about the matter and would wait for her to join him.

An older gentleman from Ohio stood behind the young man. He was there to buy tools for a construction business that he owns.

He and others observed the severely handicapped man struggle with his concerns.

Then the eldest of the two customers pulled his wallet from a back pocket and handed the young man ten crisp $100 bills and enough to pay the taxes on his new tractor.

Paul said the young man wept happy tears. Everyone that witnessed the humanitarian's good deed was touched, beyond compare by the kindness extended to a total stranger.

The older man finished his transaction and without a further words; that unselfish giver exited the store leaving behind a moment to remember.

Paul moved away to tend to one of his customers needs, but he learned later that the mother was overwhelmed when she found out about the gift.

I thought that was a beautiful happening that I wanted to share with you.

This writer received one interesting phone call from a very nice reader of "Brazil Buzz."

Jim was non-critical about the articles, however; he was concerned about the title of my column.

He said it doesn't fit the contents.

I told him that I understand why he would think that. Nearly nine years ago when I began writing the column the title suggested to me by a former staff member of The Brazil Times did fit.

When the readers failed to supply me with their family's news and announcements, I changed horses in the middle of the stream and made the contents of my column became more familiar.

After I brought it home, I was able to ramble on and about, up and down the road, with ease. I grew and grew to like that. It worked for me in a positive way.

I write about what I know best and to the best of my ability, be it good or otherwise.

Well, I lost a little sleep wondering what I should do about the title.

I tossed and turned, drank a lot of warm milk and swallowed a couple Tums. I fiddled with the knob that houses my thinking cap Unfortunately, the store would not release any new, more suitable names.

I came up with the answer in the wee hours of this morning. There will be no change of that minor detail unless management of this newspaper requests the move.

This writer will continue to write about family, old and new friends and the simple pleasures of life that I hold dear, including my precious Tootie Mae and happenings at the little blue house at the end of the road, just beyond Restlawn cemetery, in God's country.

When I can't read what I write and you can't understand what you read, beneath this title, fact is; I will retire this keyboard and this most appreciated space and thank God for the the journey.

In the meantime, this old "country girl" can be reached by phone at 812- 446- 4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.