Letter to the Editor

Stop complaining about teachers

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To the Editor:

In my opinion ...

I think we should quit complaining about our teachers and the cost of our children's education.

If anyone wants to point fingers of too much money spent, look at our cops.

Do they really need big gas guzzling suburbans or Dodge Chargers?

Yeah, the Charger maybe to catch speeders, but I was always told you can't outrun their radios. So, if you need a fast car to catch people, you are just as dangerous as the one you are chasing.

But as a taxpayer, in my opinion, I wonder how come other countries can do the same job with a lot less and still, they are safe. Oh, and I'm sure spending a lot less on fuel for their smaller police cars.

But I keep forgetting, it's just money.

Taxpayer's money, that is, paying for the police cars and their gas.

Let's not forget they like to abuse their car privileges also to take their family to Walmart and places like that.

In cars, we pay for, and fuel we also pay for.

I bet everyone in our town would love to have free gas to drive on, to take our family to the store. I know they're the law, so they do as they please, because no one can or will stand up to them to get all this taxpayer money spent better.

The cost of your suburbans could help fix more roads, but your roads I guess, will just have to get halfway fixed if we are lucky.

Because our police have to look good when they drive around.

There's something wrong here.

Connie Osborne,