Letter to the Editor

More concerns over sidewalks

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To the Editor:

I, too, am concerned about the sidewalks in front of Fun Time Scuba.

Although I am not actually handicapped, I broke my ankle in 2004 and my surgeon stated, "If you break it again, you're done and in a wheelchair."

I walk very cautiously due to the rough surface, cracks, and holes. I also go to Jocie's Beauty School as a customer. The sidewalk in front of her business is terrible, too.

I realize the cost of repairs is rising, but for the sake of avoiding a lawsuit, over simple concrete being replaced, I think the City of Brazil should consider fixing this problem soon.

Make it easier for your senior citizens as they are the ones that keep their buying needs local.

We support our hometown and need your support as well.

Loretta Young,