Letter to the Editor

Taxes: Theft by deception?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

To the Editor:

Where your tax dollars go, theft by deception?

Just so you will know:

* Poland Bridge -- 2010-11 October to January,

* Closed 15 weeks, four days,

* Never needed to be closed, period,

* 2,500 vehicles use 42 East, 24 hours every day,

* Department of Transportation, Crawfordsville, 2005 report,

* Contractor replaced two 20-foot support pillars, approximately 10-square feet,

* Two cross beams remain bent, cosmetic damage only,

* Actual cost? Almost $39,000,

* Local industrial level welding shop could have done, 90 percent less,

* No down time.

Collateral damage thousands more.

Who knows?

Farmers, citizens, emergency vehicles, transport from 59 to 231, access to Poland town, major state park and recreation area.

The closing caused at least one death, maybe two, and hundreds of hours of inconvenience and thousands in wasted gasoline.

Talk about pork barrel spending, here is a classic example of white collar crime, or theft by deception.

The sad thing about it?

Our own political machine here in this county didn't seem really too concerned.

Old sayings go, if you want to be treated like a sheep, just act like one.

Or better yet, you could be like the ostrich, sticking his head in the sand, of course, he can't see, because he can't see, he thinks no one can see him.

What a surprise when many get eaten alive, tail feathers first.

LT Clark,

Center Point