Letter to the Editor

Reader expresses discomfort

Sunday, April 24, 2011

To the Editor:

Upon arriving at the Old Hill Cemetery, I found such disheartening devastation.

Very large gravestones belonging to the founders of the City of Brazil were toppled over, broken, and loose on the ground. An absolute mess.

Everywhere I walked and looked was the same. Granted, this is an old cemetery, but to deface, crack, throw and push these pioneer markers is destruction of history.

The Hendrix Monuments were toppled, along with many, many others. These people were the beginning of our city and deserve respect.

My grandmother, Laura Ett Hendrix Decker, walked beside her mother and the wagons that brought them to what became Brazil, Ind.

What or who did this to our pioneer graveyard?

Are we so unfeeling now that we don't care?

This looks to be recent origin, and certainly not weather damage.

Linda Decker Moreau,