Readers respond to Brazil Times' request

Friday, May 6, 2011

Readers of The Brazil Times seem to like the idea of recognizing our older citizens and have provided several interesting tips about Clay County's elders. However, the search continues for more information.

As of press time, the following information has been provided to the Editorial staff at The Times:

* A local life-long male resident featured as the Baby New Year 1936 still has the cup provided to his parents.

* Clay County's oldest twins, a brother and sister duo who have also lived in the area all their lives, were born in 1929,

* Another local resident (along with their siblings) lived a few doors down from and was a playmate of Jimmy Hoffa, and

* A local farm has stayed within a single family for more than 155 years.

"We are really happy with the response we have received so far," Times' Editor Jason Moon said about the upcoming project to recognize and honor the experience of older citizens in the community. "We are looking forward to receiving more interesting tips and story ideas from our readers."

Clay County has a rich history because of its residents, which is why the staff at The Times is asking readers to provide information about the achievements of their older friends and family members, including categories such as:

* Oldest Clay County-born resident or citizen,

* Oldest set of Clay County twins,

* Oldest living person featured as The Brazil Times' Baby New Year,

* Oldest veteran,

* Oldest practicing doctor/nurse,

* Oldest former teacher,

* Oldest business owner,

* Oldest active farmer,

* Oldest cancer survivor,

* Oldest social club/organization, and

* Oldest homestead that has stayed within one family in the community.

To provide information about these categories, or any other suggestions, contact The Brazil Times' editorial department during normal business hours at 446-2216.

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