Letter to the Editor

'Rice for Haiti Children' reminder

Sunday, May 8, 2011

To the Editor:

Pop cans. When you can.

Good people of Clay County, you are feeling the crunch. I, too, after getting gas today for $64.65, to fill my tank.

I know that many of you are just not buying canned pop now and as I shopped for sugar-free mix this week, I run into a friend whom was buying "cool aide" to save money. So likely, he will put it in his tank.

Folks, we don't ask you for money for our "Rice for Haiti Children," but if you do purchase pop, we would appreciate your tabs, which we haul to the Ronald McDonald House in Indianapolis and for the aluminum cans.

You may drop them off at Bedwell Tire or phone 442-6954 or drop off at Sarge Eveland's residence on Tower Road, Knightsville, or phone 448-2873 and we'll arrange a pick-up.

The church pays for large leaf bags to bag them up for the scrap dealer and all volunteers, none being paid from any funds from sales.

All monies collected go for our "Rise for Haiti Children" project.

So, please think twice on what to do with those few cans now being collected as they go for a worthy cause and you will be blessed for your caring.


Marion "Sarge" Eveland,