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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nikki Osborn ran in a Mini-Marathon. Thirteen miles sounds like major marathon to me. Despite having a cold, and anticipating bad weather, she did very well. Congrats.

Congratulations to some of our recent graduates: Brandon Shorter and Adam Mathis.

Two families are expecting new additions. Fritz and Judy Maurer are anticipating a grandson in a few months. Brad and Barbara Pell are awaiting news on two grandbabies that are due within six days of each other. It is anytime now.

Pastor Terry Jeffers announced Becky's good news. She was awarded a scholarship to St. Mary's to finish her Master's Degree. Her classes will be intensive but she will be able to finish in one year.

Pastor shared more good news. Becky was attending service at Terre Haute because their grandson Nolan was being dedicated to the church.

Pat Dickison was glad to have her daughter at church with her this past Sunday. Mary Ann Hamm joined us for worship.

I thought I should know her and her name sounded very familiar. We started talking about how we knew each other and found that she was one of my students at Jackson Township. I love it when that happens.

Last week I gave the line-up for Methodist Women's Sunday on May 22 at HUMC: Worship Leader -- Betty Julbert, Choir Leader -- Sally Evinger, Children's Story -- Becky Jeffers, Ushers -- Jane Osborn & Judy Maurer, Candles -- Alicia McCoy & Sheila TerMeer, Greeters -- Rita Jones & Rose Marie Pell. I will give a brief history of Methodist Women and some of their many missions.

All the ladies are invited to sing in the choir. We will do a special song for that Sunday. We will need to get together with Susie Pell to practice before the big day.

Judy Maurer has a schedule conflict so we will make a change to the original plan. I don't have the substitution usher yet.

The Yard Sale/Bake Sale will be here before we know it, too. It is planned for June 4. Stoney Stitzle is making a sign for us to direct traffic from Highway 40. We need lots of items to make lots of money for missions.

A few folks have already started bringing in boxes of books and clothes. We have plenty more room in the garage. We will need bakers to make items for the Bake Sale closer to the date. If all goes well, we will start passing a sign-up sheet on Sunday.

The bus trip to the Creation Museum may have to be cancelled if we don't get more interest.

It would have been a great trip to just sit back, relax, and let Turner do the driving. The bus company had given us an excellent price but we needed 25 people to get that price.

The Turner Coaches are always so comfortable and they usually make a pit stop somewhere coming and going.

Of course, there is a restroom on board for those of us with bladders the size of a pea.

It would really have been saving on gas. It would have taken five regular vehicles if we carpooled (or three vans).

Maybe everyone just has so much going on that they just can't get a chance to take the day off.

Money was due today. We extended it a couple of days because several people have said that they wanted to go but just had not gotten in gear yet. If we don't have it in by the 15th, the trip will be cancelled.

I thought it was time for some oil changes in my vehicles. The Envoy goes to my good buddies at Mike's Muffler on Thursday. I used it all winter whenever the weather was bad. That was almost always. They are always so good to check it over for me when they service it.

I took my cute little foo-foo Ranger to the dealer on Monday. It wasn't close to having enough miles to need service because I kept it parked all winter. I still baby it even though it seems to be back to 100 percent. It's a 2009 but still has the new on it. I did not want to miss out on some service check it might need.

Even though the truck suffered a terrible calamity, in its first month of being a Roach, it has done well. No problems. The Bowen Ford people were honest with me. They could just have taken my money, but the service people said it really didn't need an oil change yet. I am very impressed with honesty.

Happy Birthday to Carly Pell & Janet Elliott (13th), Bob Nicoson (23rd), Ray Smith (24th), Ella London (30th).

Happy Anniversary to Chris & Susie Pell (9th) and Mark & RaeAnne Howald (30th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

May 15 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m., Alternative Worship Service Organizational Meeting 6:30 p.m.

May 17 -- Caring Ministry Team Meeting

May 18 -- Bible Study 9 a.m., Quilting 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Study Group 6:30 p.m. at Lena

May 25 -- Study Group 6:30 at Harmony

May 28 -- UM Men 8 a.m.