Public Record

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clay County Courthouse

The following transactions took place at the Clay County Courthouse May 4-12:

Clay Superior Court -- Civil

Dean P. Coltharp Vs. Tina D. Coltharp: Domestic Relations

Midland Funding Vs. James Shaw: Civil Collections

Trent Dufour Vs. Kimberly Dufour: Domestic Relations

Candice J. Ferguson Vs. David D. Ferguson: Domestic Relations

Deutsche Bank Vs Judy Torbert, John Doe and Mers, Inc.: Mortgage Foreclosure

Beneficial Financial, Inc. Vs. Nancy A. Whitaker: Civil Collections

Carrie Staley Vs. Chad R. Staley: Domestic Relations

Carbon Town Council Vs. Charles P. Branham and Loretta L. Branham: Civil Plenary

Carbon Town Council Vs. Sandra Thomas: Civil Plenary

Patriot Engineering Environmental Vs. Reclaim Resources: Civil Collections

Clay Circuit Court -- Civil

Stacy N. Duskey Vs. Brandon L. Duskey: Domestic Relations

Cathy L. Winstead Vs. Kevin J. Winstead: Domestic Relations

Beneficial Financial, Inc. Vs. John Petrowski and Robin Petrowski: Civil Collections

Andrea L. Buddle Vs. Neil T. Buddle: Domestic Relations

Timothy Mogle and Norman Mogle Vs. David A. Myers and Donald K. Manlove: Civil Plenary

Sara E. Hinton Vs. Howard R. Hinton: Domestic Relations

Angela S. Bennett Vs. Terry F. Bennett: Domestic Relations

Capital One Bank Vs. Shirley A. Myers: Civil Collections

Carbon Town Council Vs. Michael Early: Civil Plenary

Carbon Town Council Vs. Thomas Owen and Donna Owen: Civil Plenary

Citibank Vs. Jeanette M. Keller: Civil Collections

Midland Funding Vs. William Goens: Civil Collections

Small Claims

Fox Run Apartments Vs. Darin Vaughn and David Vaughn: Small Claims

Professional Accounts Service, Inc. Vs. the following list of individual defendants: Michelle R. Henry, Kristy A. Vansickle, Natasha Kline, Jackie J. Houser and Helen Houser, Phil Swearingen, Gwen James and Justin James and Rebecca Woolery

Tom Henderson Vs. April Clodfelder: Small Claims

Brazil Library Vs. Natasha Basler: Small Claims

Brazil Library Vs. April Chamness: Small Claims

Brazil Library Vs. Hannah Maybaugh: Small Claims

Brazil Housing Authority Vs. Dennis Croy: Small Claims

SAC Finance, Inc. Vs. Jerica Floyd: Small Claims

Ryan Herbert and Corey Moss Vs. Mary Lash: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. Michael Hilliker: Small Claims

Corvee Vs. Jacqulin Newport: Small Claims

Marriage License Applications

Randolph Jay Kaelber, 58, Brazil, and Candy Kay Thacker, 50, Brazil

Dustin T. Hopkins, 38, Brazil, and Theresa K. Schoffstall, 38, Brazil

Carson Lloyd Hendrix, 22, Cory, and Melinda Sue Jackson, 22, Clay City

Randall Wayne Bryan, 45, Brazil, and Vickie Lynn Lawrence, 55, Brazil

Gregory L. Snyder, 43, Brazil, and Sherry L. Stevens, 44, Brazil

Bradley Ray Conder, 31, Cory, and Lacy Jo Emery, 26, Brazil

Daniel L. Lewis, 34, Brazil, and Jamie Rae Gates, 31, Brazil

State Criminal Charges

Robert O. Ray, 22: 1. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated -- Endangering a person 2. Operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Larry A. Sanders, 47: Public intoxication

Charles R. Sage, 25: 1. Resisting law enforcement (two counts) 2. Criminal recklessness with vehicle

Karla D. Lewis, 44: 1. Battery resulting in bodily injury 2. Criminal mischief

Brandy A. Stevens, 18: Operating a motor vehicle without ever receiving a license

Dean A. Bayer, 34: Battery resulting in bodily injury

Terry W. Williams, 50: 1. Possession of marijuana 2. Public intoxication

Adele R. Rogers, 23: Using private land without consent

Heather M. West, 22: 1. Dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance 2. Dealing in a Schedule I, II or II controlled substance

Shawn A. West, 35: Dealing in a Schedule I, II or III controlled substance

Dean A. Bayer, 34: battery resulting in bodily injury

Brittaney D. Head, 19: 1. Visiting a common nuisance 2. False informing

Christopher K. Crego, 41: Hunting wild animals without a license

Barbara J. Wilson, 37: 1. Dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance 2. Maintaining a common nuisance

Harry A. West, 59: 1. Dealing in a Schedule II controlled substance 2. Maintaining a common nuisance

Zachariah J. Jones, 20: 1. Conspiracy to commit robbery resulting in serious bodily injury 2. Maintaining a common nuisance 3. Maintaining a common nuisance 4. Possession of paraphernalia

Charles R. Moran, 28: 1. Robbery 2. Possession of methamphetamine 3. Visiting a common nuisance

James R. Edens, 28: Public intoxication

Ryan J. Fontanyi, 28: 1. Conspiracy to commit robbery 2. Visiting a common nuisance

Toni M. O'Sullivan, 34: 1. Possession of a controlled substance 2. Conversion 3. Possession of paraphernalia

Tracy L. Jones, 24: 1. Maintaining a common nuisance 2. Possession of marijuana (two counts) 3. Possession of paraphernalia