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Reverend asking community for input

Sunday, May 15, 2011

After seeing a staggering overall Christian church attendance decline, a Clay County minister is asking area residents, "What is the community's biggest need?"

First Baptist Church Reverend Mark Thompson attended a seminar to discuss the future of American Christianity.

While there, he learned that in 1958 approximately 80 percent of 178 million Americans attended church at least twice a month.

Today, only 17.6 percent of 309 million Americans attend church at the same interval.

"Church decline started in 1946 after the Great Depression when people could no longer rely on churches and had to turn the government for financial assistance," Thompson said. "It used to be that most churches operated like Amish communities, where each family could help support one another. But when everyone was broke, no one could help their neighbor."

In response to learning this information, Thompson is applying for a grant from the American Baptist Foundation in order to make his church more relevant and open to the current community.

"We want our church to become the third place," Thompson said.

The minister further explained the first place is one's home, where a person can be loved and accepted by everyone there.

The second place is one's workplace. A person doesn't have to like everyone there, but the person tries to tolerate his or her co-workers to get the job done.

"Starbucks is trying to become the third place, where everyone knows your name and goes to hang out, kind of like 'Cheers.' The third place used to be the church, and we want that to be the case again," Thompson said.

Thompson plans to make this happen by using the grant money the church may receive to help provide for the community's greatest need.

The pastor wants to encourage community members to email him with suggestions as to what that need is. Thompson said he doesn't want people to send him personal needs that only affect a small amount of citizens, but does want to know how to benefit the entire community.

"The good church people used to congregate at the church, but now it's like they've just let the community rot and they are in two separate worlds. Now we have baseball coaches killing each other. We need to change that," Thompson said.

In addition to his quest to help the community, Thompson is also reaching out and trying to bring folks into the church from all walks of life.

Thompson's "Choose the Rock" service at 7 p.m. Thursday evenings at 413 S. Walnut Street. This service is different than a usual church service.

It only lasts 50 minutes, and collecting the offering doesn't just involve parishioners giving.

"We have an open offering plate. If you have a need in your life, you are welcome to take some money. Nobody is watching it," Thompson explained.

According to the American Baptist Home Missions Society, this grant will be used to "enhance ministries of discipleship."

The grants are memorials in the names of Virginia and Gordon Palmer Jr., two American Baptists who made a difference.

Virginia was a speech pathologist and educator from a low-income family who helped develop a speech and hearing clinic at Temple University. Gordon was and electrical engineer who founded an electronics component company and was the son of an American Baptist pastor.

"People don't support institutions, but they will support a cause," Thompson said. "They will support the cause of VBS (Vacation Bible School), but not a church itself."

The church could received anywhere for $5,000-$25,000, and applications are due June 1, but money will not be awarded until Fall 2011.

Thompson hopes doing something for the community will lead people to come back to church and make church a relevant place to be again and create a better future.

The seminar projected statistics regarding church attendance in 15 years, and officials expect it to drop 5-10 percent from where it is now.

To make suggestions about the community's need, email Thompson at revmarkthompson@frontier.com.

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The reason church attendance declines, is because so many people that attend church are fake.

-- Posted by Unsolicitedtidbits on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 1:39 AM

The greatest need is for churches to be churches again and NOT recreation and entertainment venues. Churches forgot souls in favor of flesh. You forgot your core purpose for existence and people decided they could get what you are offering elsewhere - and cheaper. So far most churches have responded by offering more of what people can get elsewhere. We don't need the church to be a restaurant, daycare, food pantry, job skills trainer, school, exercise center, play house or concert hall. We need it to address the very center of our existence: our relationship with Jesus. BUT, that is more difficult and far less popular than having a free circus in the parking lot. Of course, the affect of the circus on us wears off pretty quick, whereas, the other changes me for a lifetime - even an eternity.

-- Posted by brazilian on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 7:24 AM

What a loaded question and I am guessing the answer is going to be different for each person. Both those who are participating in a faith family and those who are not. I see from where I sit many reasons for those NOT attending church functions may be the positive reinforcement for others going.

Ever since 1517 when Martin Luther broke away from Rome, differences of opinion on the man made rules of Christianity have fractioned. Thus why those who broke away from Roman Catholisism are called Protestants. This continues today to where some churches think that only their sect will make it to heaven while others are to such an extreme that they now feel that the "thou shalt not kill" commandment does not apply when the civil government allows for it.

The fundamentalism of those who only blindly believe literally in what MEN stated in the Bible with their limited understanding of science of the times is much like the Taliban teachings of Islam and the Madrasas which does not explain the way those teachings were used in the times they were written and compare them to today's situations. That actually some times allows the real lessons of Christianity to get lost. The basic two commandments of Christ which were to love Him above all others and to love others as one loves himself.

When I read Genesis, I think of the development of the fetus in varying species. I see the little "tadpole like" being develop into a child, a puppy, a foal. All are miraculous and all initially created by God. The thing is that this same miracle takes 62 days for a puppy, 9 months for a child and 11 months for a foal. All the same miracle. All God's work. So what if the MEN who wrote Genesis didn't understand how long it took God to make the universe way back at that time. They wrote it like those reading it would understand. We know now that it took millions of years. To argue about whether the Bible is literal or not allows the true message to be lost. That there is some sort of supreme being that started the whole thing due to it's miraculous order. It is not random...even if it was a big bang. God was there to cause that big bang....

No matter to what church one belongs, if they miss the message of the two commandments that Christ gave us when on earth, they have missed the message of Christianity. One has to look past even the politics and maneuvering of their own church and its imperfections as none of them is going to be perfect as all organized and run by humans. To not attend because they are imperfect is not a valid excuse. That is why a good portion of us are active in our church. we know that we are imperfect but need to be reminded of our goals at least weekly so we can be reminded on a regular basis. I look at our Catholic mass as a pep rally for each of us in the pews. The fellowship and Eucharist nourishes us so we can maybe go go another week of attempting to be as much like Christ as we humans can. It's a hard job and I don't know of anyone who is totally successful at it... but we must keep trying or we would lose to chaos.

I could go on and on but this "sermon" is quite long enough. lol

Have a good day.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 8:23 AM

Brazilian, you hit the nail on the head! What you stated is exactly right.

The church has become "seeker friendly" and the cross of Jesus Christ has been forgotten. We need to get back to basics. Jesus Christ and Him crucified.Only His shed Blood can redeem us and change us. We don't go to church to be entertained, we go to hear the Word of God. That is what people need, not some seminar, the Word of God changes lives. Pastors, preach the Word, love people and let the Holy Spirt convict their hearts through the pure preaching of the Bible. I know my thoughs are not the popular ones out there but my life has been changed by the Cross of Jesus, His shed Blood and the Bible, so I know what I speak of, I have experienced it for myself I am so thankful my Pastor is not afraid to preach the Cross! Not all paths lead to God.

-- Posted by Jolly on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 8:49 AM

The purpose of attending church is the fellowship with other believers as well as to give. If the attendance is down, maybe it is because we live in a "me" society where people only want to go to church to "get it in" and then go home. This is an unfortunate but true aspect of today's society. Instead of our faith and relationship with Jesus being first in our lives and a priority we trade that all in for anything but true communion with God. I would hope that people connect with a church to set under the Word and be a part of changing lives and providing hope to a darkened world. The greatest need is the one right in front of us!

-- Posted by set_free on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 10:47 AM

The reason church attendance is down isn't

because the people in them are fake. It is

because too many people in general are

"fake". So many people, both religious and

non religious, pretend to be one thing in

public but are very different if they can find

a way to get over on someone. Dishonesty

the engine that drives apathy.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 12:28 PM

The reason church attendance is down isn't

because the people in them are fake. It is

because too many people in general are

"fake". So many people, both religious and

non religious, pretend to be one thing in

public but are very different if they can find

a way to get over on someone. Dishonesty

the engine that drives apathy.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 12:28 PM


But if people have different views and opinions sometimes others don't respect their differences and "crucify" them [figuratively of course] for being different.

Here you are stating that people in church are fake...What a stereotypical remark. You have already judged possibly without stepping foot into a church... or at least the right one for you.

Yes there are human components of church communities but there is both good and bad in each of us correct? Do we dismiss the total person or organization due to one thing we don't agree with about it?

For example, I think that there is a lot that could be improved with our public schools here in Clay County but do I think that they are totally ineffective? Do I pull my kids out and let them learn nothing? I think not.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 2:19 PM


You misunderstood/misread my point. I said it isn't that people in church are fake, as Unsolicitedtidbits believes. It has to do with fake-ness of people in all walks of life. Too many people, both in and out of church pretend to be one thing but are really something else, depending on what they want to get at the time.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Mon, May 16, 2011, at 8:38 PM


OK Though that is a general dysfunction of our society and as you state, can't be solely blamed on churchgoers....That said church ministers in many denominations are also like politicians as their jobs depend somewhat on their "popularity" within the congregation. Too many people are more caught up in trying to be "nice" and not cause people to be uncomfortable instead of being "good" and confronting real issues head on. I think this is especially true in the small individual churches that have no central organization whose "beliefs" are personal whims of a select few.

This dysfunction quickly spills over into everyday life and people form cliques of us and them. Then it is not really about correcting issues and discussing problems, but whether or not one not of their group is causing them. Again I see this as rampant in our school system as staff of "old family names" and fellow church members get and retain positions even when they are not performing their jobs well.

We seem to forgive those we know and damn those we don't so to speak. Forgiveness is fine and dandy but the issue still needs to be corrected.

I say many times that if we are all in a room and deny that there is an elephant in there with us, we can do all the denying in the world but still ends up much harder to walk around the elephant and not step in the increasing piles of manure he makes than to admit that he is there and then form a plan to drive him out.

There's my parable for the day. lol. Would work with sheep in the room too I guess to make it more Biblical but I think readers can imagine the manure one elephant can make for each day denied to explain the mounting problem it will cause if denied day after day. Year after year.

Separate the problem from the person causing it and don't attack the person but make sure they know that they are not permitted to continue causing the problem.

The problem is that many "nice" people don't like the uncomfortable-ness of acknowledging a problem..Nor are they usually comfortable with a person who brings it to the surface as then they too would have to acknowledge it. They feel it's much easier to keep stepping around the increasing piles of elephant manure, until it starts drowning them in it and many times too late to save relationships....

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 7:33 AM

A good friend of mine sent me an e-mail that pretty well sums it up for me. "I believe.......going to church doesn't make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car."

I'll admit, I don't make it to church as often as I'd like to.

However, I believe that God is omnipotent, eternal, and, by His very nature, unfathomable by such a limited creature as Man. I believe that He came to earth, as Jesus, to bridge the gap so that Man could understand Him better.

If there is a church, denomination, or religion that holds the same beliefs that I do, I have yet to find it. I have to choose the church that almost matches my beliefs while still trying to dispel science, getting involved in Man's politics, or trying to collect gold on the pretense that Almighty God needs it.

Why has church attendance declined? It is not because God's Message to Man has changed, it is because His Message, as written in the Bible, was given to Man when Man was in a primitive state and is, even today, presented as though Man is still in that primitive state. People are as bored of hearing what is being said as a high school senior would be taking first-grade classes on how to write the alphabet.

-- Posted by Leo L. Southworth on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 8:12 AM

Acts 2:42-47 (New International Version)

The Fellowship of the Believers

42 They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. 43 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. 44 All the believers were together and had everything in common. 45 They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. 46 Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

This was the first church. They preached Christ crucified. They met. They met needs. They were a relevant church. It would be nice to see a church today be this relevant and world changing. That is the power of the gospel.

I am glad to read about a church who wants to be this kind of church.

-- Posted by sickhorse on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 9:03 AM

But by the very nature of a church being set up by humans one will never find a perfect one. One must keep searching until he finds the one that best matches his idea of what it should be AND it fills one's own needs as a faith family with treasured traditions. I church hopped for several years until I realized that ALL of them have human foibles. Then realized that I wanted a church whose main governing body promoted acts of Christianity instead of only preaching what others should do. A real missionary shift that didn't go in to tell others that they needed to be doing things like the church was but helping them to be self sufficient and educated so that they could then both see what Christians did and be educated to make their own decision.

The other thing is to be educated oneself on how money collected by those in the church is spent. Yes basics like structure, utilities, etc need to be paid for just like taxes in a community, but mission projects/trips that are more "feel good" for the participant when money could be used elsewhere more effectively really aren't all that Christian and more self serving. Same with fund drives. Does more than 5-10% go towards "administrative costs"?

As Leo said, shop for a church with educated approach as blind faith is fine when dealing directly with God but churches are human powered and one must not automatically think that all associated with them are always God like. To do anything else would be as he said to approach it as a first grader. Then you must acknowledge the church's imperfections and move on. To not belong and try to improve things within your church is like not trying to improve things within any other group structure like a marriage or family....Hmm I'm seeing a resemblance here. Maybe why such a high divorce rate in this country as well. Instead of staying involved to hopefully make things better, it's easier to up and quit....So our churches as well as our families are sometimes dysfunctional.

Maybe we need to learn how to approach the problems of the churches without attacking the individuals in them and having a stereo typical view of them as a while when individuals within them do not live up to expectations??

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 10:01 AM

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. I am overjoyed to see the responses by those who obviously follow the "Truth," however for the other comments it is just reaffirming the need for Jesus in the lives of people. There is not a perfect church because there is not a perfect bunch of people. We have to learn to love and respect others (more than we love and respect ourselves) and if we can not over look the futility and frailty of others then we ourselves are setting in the judgement seat and that is not our place to sit. There is One King, One Spriit, One God over us all and no matter what anyone believes it is real and the only way to true peace, righteousness, and satisfaction in life. I'm a living testimony to the amazing grace of God and the work he can perform in a lost soul. I am so thankful for the body of Christ and believers who loved without cause and revealed the true God to me. Now I live to do the same for others and this my friends is the purpose of our lives.

-- Posted by set_free on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 10:11 AM

Maybe we should take an ecumenical approach and bring the various faith communities together in Clay County for certain events instead of each in his own.

In other communities I have been involved in Lenten interdenominational Lenten services and soup night on Wednesdays during Lent, a seder meal that even included Jewish participation as well as Christian.

Teaching people about religious traditions of other faiths should not put one in fear of loosing that member of the congregation. It will make their convictions stronger and form long lasting bonds between the various faith communities stronger as well and diffuse misconceptions. For example, my own children have been accused by high school class mates of not being Christian because we are Catholic and Mary Worshippers. Where does this come from???

Catholics honor Mary as Jesus' mother but worship her as a God?? I think not. When we reply that we were the original Christians and others are called Protestants as thy protested the rules of central church in Rome [right or wrong Catholics will acknowledge readily in present times]. some had never heard of the term. How can one know why they beleive in a faith and not know why the faith even exists? As a child yes one learns by wrote the rules and regs but as an adolescent it's time to go deeper and study their faith as an adult and understand why they belong to that faith. This is why confirmation in the Catholic church was moved from 4th grade to high school. No 4th grader can become a full adult member in the church with only the depth of understanding of a 4th grader.

I encourage all to learn about their church and its history to be better followers. Even if it ultimately means church hopping..for in reality it doesn't really matter to God which path you take so long as you are on a path to Him. It just matters to people.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 10:18 AM


But we as Christians must also acknowledge that there are good non Christians in the world doing good works for God's people. JUST because one is self proclaimed Christian does make him one is true. I know of those who attend church every Sunday but whose children bear bruises of long term abuse. On the flip side just because someone is an anonymous Christian [does not know Christ but through an anonymous presence of Him is doing His works]that does not damn him either. Christ came to earth for all of His children and is all forgiving. It's our works not our declarations that allow us to know Christ in our hearts and souls and will earn us everlasting life.

I know a good number of people of faiths other than Christian who are good people, who volunteer, who "tithe" by donating significant funds to worthy organizations that help the poor and uneducated of our world. They are doing the same as Jesus taught when here on earth. For us humans to think that they are not saved when their life has been to serve I just do not believe just because they have not made the declaration that they are Christian as their acts prove they are being "Christ like".

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 10:28 AM

Jesus came for those who were broken and crushed in spirit. He sat with the lowly, tax collectors and fishermen. If this is not applicable to today then I don't know what is. As I said before if you read closely, I stated that there is not a perfect church because there is not a perfect person or group of people. It is the followers of Christ that are acting as the hands a feet of the body to reach those in need. That does not discriminate anyone. We ALL need Christ in our lives. However reading the post of others and seeing their perception of Christians, churches and God (ultimately) reflect a common belief shared by many today, that God is not the center of life anymore. Some people think that the bible was for another time, some think that it only applies to certain circumstances in life, some think it has been disproved. However, it certainly is the "Truth that sets us free." So those of us who are following Christ should live our lives sharing the truth that has been revealed to us. Thank God that we have a Savior who died to save the imperfect, unlovable, and sometimes unwilling sinners such as us. Praise the Lord HE does not leave us in the condition HE finds us in. I believe that church attendance is down because people like the watered down version of the Gospel rather than the actual truth. The truth hurts, the Word should convict our hearts, but hopefully we will turn to God for our source of comfort and strength when we see the areas in our life that need to change. This all makes people uncomfortable.

-- Posted by set_free on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 10:54 AM

The fact that the minister is asking the question of the community rather than God's book underscores the longstanding problem. We are the creatures. God is the creator. As our creator He knows what we need most and has given the instructions for it in His Word. To ask the community is more of the same trend - i.e. What can the church give you so you will like us and show-up on Sunday? The church is the Body of Christ on earth today. It doesn't have to beg, offer free stuff or become something else besides a church. The church is the great, holy assembly of the saints intent on glorifying God, honoring Jesus and living the principles of the Spirit so we can enjoy the best life possible. The church looks with great anticipation to one day hearing "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the rest prepared!" If that's not enough to draw a lost soul, then I'm fairly certain nothing else will either. The greatest need this community has is for the church to actually be the church.

-- Posted by brazilian on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 7:49 PM


In order to be relevant to a community, you need to be connected to it. Typically church people, as well as all other kinds of people, get into their own groove. Work, family, church, work, family, church. It's very easy to miss the needs that we drive past every day. What Mark is asking isn't "what's going to make you like us and show up on Sunday?" it's how can we meet real needs in a real way to make a real difference. I'm frustrated at how critical you seem to be of a church that wishes to ask a community to let them be relevant. Unless we get involved, get a little dirty and create real and meaningful relationships with people outside the church we can't expect lost souls to just show up to worship a God they don't know. Of course God knows the best way for a church to become involved and effective in a local community but if that church refuses to go outside its comfort zone it has left little room for God to let them know what the best way really is. I hope you understand that I totally agree with you that as a believer the best motivation is the end reward of heaven but that doesn't motivate a person who doesn't believe in that reward.

-- Posted by sp on Tue, May 17, 2011, at 11:20 PM

I believe it's because there are so many negative representations of faith. For example - little boys who were molested for years by their Priest.

IMO, a vast majority of people believe that the "Religious" or "Christian's" are hypocrites. LEO is right - 'going to church DOESN'T make you a Christian anymore than standing in a garage makes you a car'.

I know the Bible (my Mother read it to me many nights). I know where to find scripture. I don't require a "sermon" quoted in conversation (or Facebook - UGH!).

-- Posted by Emmes on Wed, May 18, 2011, at 11:01 AM


Not making excuses for pedophile priests BUT their ratio is no different than the ratio of pedophiles in general population. The media frenzy has accomplished two things. Imperfect church structure and politics, and a long time coverup/denial....Same thing occurs in some families of non clergy...The family prefers to keep the pedophilia under wraps and not admit to it rather than helping the victims of it. Many times worsening the damage done to the child.

The Anglican Church in Canada had similar scandal several decades ago. We just didn't hear about it. It's whatever sells papers or air time on TV/radio.

HOWEVER if you are only reading negative reports about what the various religious groups do, you are not reading in the right places. I suggest spending an afternoon at Bethany House, Ryves Hall, or St Ann's medical clinic in Terre Haute..or even go help out with the soup kitchen at Methodist church on Wednesday afternoons here in Brazil. I can't list them all but groups of people with religious affiliations are doing many positive things and then there are individuals who are also involved due to their Christian faith.

The news media generally reports negative news.

You have to put out a little effort to find the positive.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Wed, May 18, 2011, at 7:28 PM

The Pastor is really asking, do I know you? Or I remember you, do you remember me? Where have you been, how may we get acquainted again?

What keeps people from obeying God?

What is holding tight to what is good today?

How do we worship and where?

Question, How do you Keep Holy the Sabboth.

This means, visiting the Lord in HIS house. Traditions that break down, generally melt the family relationship. You may consider yourselves in the family of Christ, as in any family. But if you are so inclined to forget about Sunday dinner every week, pretty soon you are estranged. The message is buried under the pressure of life.

Loving your neighbor as yourself can get dicey when your neighbor doesn't act neighborly or unchristian.

You get the picture. Finding right and wrong n a complicated world full of chaos, causes me to look up and pray. Holding tight to what is good in this world, means visiting my Lord when he asked me to visit..or every night and day in prayer.

He is my Father..Jesus is my brother. They are my family.

If I have any problems with the church life, it is where the message is goopy with Jesus loves us.

I already know this, the message is just ok. Im waiting to hear something about our long forgotten commandments,a sermon that is very intructive, personal in all our lives, a message that lights up a room. Pastors are giving us goop. I love Dr.Charles Stanleys messages. He is really good. He KNOWS God. He is teaching us the way that will keep us safe. I want to learn from his messages.

Why should we seek the Church in our life? We will not seek the truth if there is a problem. For instance: If there is just a part time Pastor putting in time, then most will do the same. Why? Because we are all still little children as we should be. God is God, you are not God. A pastor must be in Christs place on earth till he returns. He must be the example.

Why did the Church fail us? Because Satan is very busy these days. Sure enough he expected you to judge harshly and walk away. Sure enough, once weakened by the disrespect of his commandment, its just a matter of time before the doors of Gods House must close. For those that never went to church, I guess it doesn't matter to Satan.

Why has the church become irrelavant? Its because they are evading the truth. Every Pastor should sound the alarm that there is a wolf in the midst.

Blaming it on the 60s is just plain wrong. They weakened under the power of Satan in every religious sector. We can forgive them their tresspasses, if they will speak truth.

Meanwhile the religion of Islam is taking hold around the world. What you hand your children is up to you, once they leave the nest, thats it.

Look around us, drugs are destroying our society.

The doors to the church are closed monday through friday. the drug man is available 24/7. Shouldn't a Pastor of any church be available 24/7? Does he really need a new car? Didn't Jesus say, go into the town with nothing and God will look after you.

When I hear the truth coming out of the church, I will know I need church alot. Though I go faithfully, Im still waiting, and I hope Jesus is still waiting for me, to do the right things.

Its true though, church workers pretty much stay private, doing their thing. Yet available if needed. I always have hope in humanity in a church. Whether its real or not, its nice to have people around us weekly who believe and pray with us. Then go out the door assuredly expecting the best in ourselves.

-- Posted by Pearl2083 on Sat, May 21, 2011, at 2:56 PM

I think the decline in the church is due to The Church and its members. i do say members. I was brought up if you went to a church, 1 time of every sunday , you was a member. that is not the case.

If you dont like what the Bible says or you think the meaning is wrong, I know lets start another church.

not sure about Fake people in the church, but I do know of alot of double talkers/action in the church.But that is between them and God. I don't keep up with the Jones and I dont think a Church should either.

Sunday's best @ church, your best might be better than mine but you still look down. Fellowship is for all not only the ones you sit by in church. There is Alot of FAKENESS in the Church. Look around, if you dont see it, they might be looking at you.

it seems to me We call on Jesus when things are going wrong in our lives, and when the good happens we forget to give HIM all the credit.

-- Posted by carebuttonbroke on Sun, May 22, 2011, at 9:43 AM

The comment that there are faker in church? Im not sure that is correct. Most people attend church to grow closer to God. They know, they are fallable. They know they need to make things right. Sometimes the way gets cluttered with complications. So they attend to find their way back. Others may be doing wrong, and you know they are adulterers and liars. Yet Im not their judge. That is between them and God. "Love one another as I have loved you" What Christ did for you and me, is the supreme sacrifice for your sins and mine. I believe its not my place to judge them, but to love them. That love you give to that person, can lift them up, encourage them to do better. So, without going to church you cannot help one another. You would not know them.

Let us suppose for a second that the latest prophet is right. Time is running out. Are you ready for judgement? Remember now, on Judgement Day, no one has a voice. Your either guilty or innocent. Thats up to God. Are you ready?

-- Posted by Pearl2083 on Sun, May 22, 2011, at 10:57 AM

Pearl2083, there are people going to church so everyone sees them. I worked at a bar to support my family and Wow the people i saw on Fri and Sat night I saw Sunday at church . they loved me on the weekend but forgot me on Sunday. How can so many people be wrong and a few right. I will take my chances with Jesus. Keep your blinders on and nose in the Bible. So will I.

Remember The Devil knows the word of God as well as any.Bet the Devil even goes to Church to find God's Children or so called his children.

If you was refering to second prophet ; may 21. THat would just Be stupid!

-- Posted by carebuttonbroke on Sun, May 22, 2011, at 2:05 PM


I don't believe anyone is perfect. I don't believe God expected us to be perfect which is why he sent his only son. We all are already in royalty by the blood of Christ. I also believe we all will and must experience many emotions,and experiences in life. Whether you find it in a bar, stadium, school,jail,accidents matters not.

We are all here to experience life good and bad.

For us to steer clear of that experience as best we can, is to not experience life to its full. Everyone will make mistakes I know, but what are mistakes but lessons to learn by? How do you know that your experience in bars isn't supposed to be to show another lost soul the way to Christ?

We don't judge, we only hope in Him. Mistakes are what they are, and we forgive ourselves and others and learn. Woe to that man who cannot forgive. For he shall be judged right where he is.

So what if church people go to a bar? Are they having fun? Doing too much drinking of course is not moderation. So we keep steering people toward a better life.

I wasn't referring to the Camping fellow. That isn't to say I don't think about when my days are over. I do now and then. We all do. Im not getting any younger!

The end of my world is death.

We should all go back to the Commandments and take a fresh look at where we are. They are timeless. Going to a church, is also a good place to exercise the spirit in giving, loving, and doing good. If your good at cooking, cook away and store treasures in heaven. If your good at making people feel better, go meet people who need a hug..All these things, big and small store treasures in heaven. So the Saints tells us. Everyone is a Saint in my book.

Thanks for reading my post.

-- Posted by Pearl2083 on Mon, May 23, 2011, at 8:02 PM

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