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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Harmony United Methodist Women Yard Sale/Bake Sale will be here June 4. We will be open until we run out of things. We need good stuff to sell. Bring your treasures to the church this week so we will be ready.

We need work crews on Friday to set up the sale and price the treasures. We also need folks on Saturday to sell the items. Hopefully lots of people will bake goodies we can sell. All the money goes to missions.

We especially want to raise funds so we can help SOS to get a facility for battered women.

Congrats to Brad and Barbara Pell. They have two new grandbabies to spoil. The new guys are Carter Kenneth Bablowskiand Elijah Robert Pell. Let me know if I did not get the names right.

May has been such a busy month that I haven't had time to think. The yard was a jungle and still isn't how it should look.

I fixed some hanging baskets of flowers. Sister-in-law Karen and I installed hooks at the Bowling Green Cemetery (Fairview?) so we can just take a fresh basket each year.

We started the month working frantically to get ready for Mother/Daughter Banquet, then Women's Sunday, and ended it with a cookout at my house. All were enjoyable but necessitated much planning and effort.

Close to 20 people came over for the cookout. Brother Mikey and Karen supervised the grill while I worked in the kitchen. By the time everyone arrived, we were about ready. Friends from Plainfield and Sullivan were scared off by the storm warnings and a couple others were fighting the spring flu. Still we had a good time.

In mid-May, I took off to Jasper for a couple of days to see the doctor and visit friends. My orthopedic surgeon relieved the fluid pressing in my knee. That helped tremendously but the shot of cortisone knocked me down for over a week. I am still working to get over the effects of that nasty stuff. The knee is doing well.

While at Jasper, I visited friends and took a tour of all the high water. They had 50 roads closed. In all the years I lived in that area, the flood waters were never that bad.

All the heavy rains ruined the gym roof at Jasper High School. Graduation was moved to their old competition at Huntingburg. The kids were given the vote and that was their choice. Much of the old rivalries between the two cities don't exist among the kids. Jasper and Huntingburg are in different classes now and don't compete much in sports and band.

Stepson Rusty, Grandgirl Auriel, and I had lunch at the Black Buggy in Jasper. Stepmom/Gran wanted to treat them. The food was wonderful. Auriel informed me later that she would rather have gone to MacDonald's or Wendy's. I paid for a full buffet and she ate one serving of corn and a dish of ice cream. Love her anyway.

Rusty had tons of great pics on his phone. He is starting a kayak rental business in Jasper and has taken several shots of the water, even boating through a corn field. Ariel wanted to see the pics on my phone. When I told her it did not take pictures, she started asking if it did this or that. No to all, I told her. She asked, "What can you do with your phone?" My reply, "I can say, hello." She was not impressed.

Yes, I am way past time for a new something for communication. I hate to part with my little phone when I have finally figured out what most of the buttons do. When my neighbors have to sit on the porch to talk on their cell phones, I am comfy in my recliner in the middle of my house. Reception is great, on my cell, for all my out-of-state as well as my local calls. I don't even have long distance on the house phone anymore.

Whenever I think about something new, I like the idea of the Kindle, however you spell it, more than the idea of a phone. I need a combination phone, camera, and a read-a-book thingie -- forget all the other stuff that I will never use anyway.

Whenever you buy something new you are taking a gamble, like this aggravating computer. It often decides to scramble my paragraphs whenever I stop to think. I wanted to save a message from Odena Harper this morning. I tried to checkmark and save. I tried to put it in a folder. It would only let me save a search I had not made. Somewhere there has to be an option to save but I could not find it.

June starts off with the yard sale at church but hopefully gets quieter and slower after that. My graduating class from old VB is having a reunion on the 4th at Staunton. Hi to everyone because I am sure I won't get there. Contact Anna Long if you did not get the information. Hope everyone has a great time.

Clay County Retired Teachers will need to schedule a date for our Fall Social. We had scheduled all of our meetings for two years but the two years are up. Generally, we have been holding the social on the last full week of October, on a Tuesday. Sometimes we conflict with poll classes. Let me know of any known conflicts.

The CCRTA Executive Committee generally meets at least a month prior to the social to make plans. Those members should let me know if they have any dates that are a definite no-no for September. That month is always really busy for me, too. We need to think about it and get some dates decided so people can mark their calendars. Early in the month would work better for me.

Happy Birthday to Linda Lumsdon & May-gan Mayfield (1st), Kathy Bell (4th), Jan Bowen & Rose Marie Pell (10th), Christine Clark & Caleb Escott (12th), Carole Weaver & Jay Bridgewater (17th), Andra Wolfe (18th), Kate Trout & Joetta Brown (19th), Bill Pell (20th), Maxine Beaman (21st), Craig Dierdorf & Stoney Stitzle (22nd), Grandgirl Auriel Sidney Long & Dan Pell (23rd).

Happy Anniversary to Brenda & David Shorter (6th), Rev. Bob & Carolyn Kumpf (16th), Mary Lou & Bruce Thompson (18th), Brad & Barbara Pell (19th), Jim & Shirley Pell (30th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

June 3 -- Work to set up yard sale

June 4 -- Yard Sale until we run out of stuff

June 5 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

June 8 -- Bible Study, Quilting 10 a.m.-3 p.m.