Letter to the Editor

Let the public decide

Sunday, June 5, 2011

To the Editor:

Our school board, at the suggestion of one of the superintendent applicants, is seriously considering year-round school.

This particular applicant strongly requests that our schools become year-round schools. Most of our school board members were strong impressed and liked what they heard. This applicant chose year-round school as the major need for the future of our students. As you all know, this is a major change not only for our students, but for our families' way of living in our community.

There are many negatives and many positives to year-round school. This change should be up to our citizens to decide before such a change is considered by our school board.

Right or wrong, the concept of year-round school is being solely considered by our superintendent and school board members.

This is unjust and unfair. Our students belong to our public and our parents.

Our school board is treating other superintendent applicants living in our corporation unfairly by not letting them know that year-round schooling was being considered.

Folks, this is a serious matter and needs your attention now. It should be your choice. It will affect your way of living. It would be difficult to change back to our present status.

Board members, please include and review with our public before you make a long-term decision. Inform our public what their life will be like under the year-round school program. Let them know what their students' life will be like. Let our public participate in choosing this change.

Public citizens of this community should have the opportunity to express their opinion before any school members' action is taken to install year-round education for our students.

The choice will be made at the June 9 board meeting. Let me know your choice before this meeting at forrestbuell@frontier.com, or Forrest Buell, 280 E. CR 850 S., Clay City, Ind., 47841.

Inform the other board members of your choice on the year-round school. Come to the June 9 board meeting and express your thinking on this.

Forrest R. Buell,

Clay City