Company providing GIS trial period

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Residents may soon be able to access Clay County's mapping system from their own homes.

During Monday's meeting of the Clay County Commissioners, 39 Degrees North, LLC representative Jeff Dossett presented a contract proposal for the county to utilize its Geographical Interface System (GIS).

The proposal would allow the county a two-month trial of the software, which could then be paid for on a monthly basis should the county choose to do so.

"The average citizen would be able to pull up the mapping system with a login," Dossett said.

He added there would be a one-time fee of $7,000 to start up the programming.

Clay County Auditor Mary Jo Alumbaugh informed the commissioners the county currently is under contract with WTH Technology, Inc., and would have to provide a 30-day notice should they choose to make the switch to 39 Degrees North.

Commissioner Paul Sinders requested the contract for the trial period be made separate from the one for continued service, which Dossett agreed to do.

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the trial period contract, pending review and approval from Commissioners' Attorney Eric Somheil once the new contract is drafted.

Meanwhile, consideration of an interlocal agreement with the Town of Seelyville is on hold.

Hannum, Wagle and Cline Engineer Eric Smith approached the commissioners with information regarding Seelyville's upcoming water project. Smith said Twin Beach Road and Miami Gardens Road both are on the Clay/Vigo county border and are areas where work would be done to improve water pressure and fire protection for the residents of Seelyville.

He added plans are to utilize directional boring in those two areas, but the town would like to enter into the agreement since some of the work would be done on Clay County's side of the line.

"If there is a problem down the road, it would be Seelyville's responsibility to make the repairs," Smith said in response to questioning about returning the roads to their current or better status.

Sinders said he would like to see a physical copy of the agreement prior to giving permission to move forward with the work, which was agreed upon by fellow commissioners Jack Withers and Charlie Brown.

"I don't want to impede progress for anybody," Sinders said. "However, we do have a responsibility to the residents of our county and I just want to make sure everything is in order before signing off on this."

In other business during Monday's meeting, the Clay County Commissioners:

* Approved the job description for the E-911 Assistant Supervisor position,

* Approved contracts with non-profit organizations including the Clay County 4-H Council ($14,500), Child-Adult Resource Services ($15,000), the Clay County Council on Aged and Aging ($8,600) and the remainder of the contract with Clay County Search and Rescue for fuel and vehicle repair ($2,880.49 total), and

* Approved the transfer of the title to the 1995 Ford F-250 to Search and Rescue, which already has insurance coverage on the vehicle and releases any liability on the county's end.

The Clay County Commissioners will conduct a special meeting at 10 a.m., Friday, and will have its next regularly scheduled meeting at 9 a.m., Tuesday, July 5. Both meetings will take place in the Commissioners' Courtroom at the Clay County Courthouse.

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