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Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Charlie Brown

During Monday's meeting of the Clay County Commissioners, a request was made for assistance in obtaining a property.

Dave and Rogene Morge said the property in the area of 7771 North County Road 425 West is in deplorable condition and they would like to purchase the property in order to tear the building down.

"We are willing to tear it down at our own expense," Rogene, who provided the commissioners with pictures, said. "There is black mold, holes in the roof, excessive amounts of trash and it needs to be condemned or torn down."

Commissioners' President Charlie Brown said the county has made attempts to contact the property owner in accordance to its trash ordinance, but has not received a reply.

"It has been empty since about February 2010, and it was supposedly foreclosed on by Bank of America, but they don't seem to have a record of it," Rogene said. "We know we need ownership of the property in order to tear the house down."

The commissioners agreed to assist in finding the owners of the home and continue with its legal procedures according to the ordinance, but once the owner is located, they would inform them of the Morge's willingness to purchase the property.

Meanwhile, plans to renew the health insurance plan for county employees were quickly halted for the time being.

Dale Loughmiller, who is the local representative for Dunn and Associates, informed the commissioners there is roughly a 5 percent increase across the board in premiums and minor changes were made in order to comply with new healthcare regulations.

Before Loughmiller could explain the plan any further, Commissioner Paul Sinders stopped him.

"Right now, I am unprepared and unwilling to vote on this," Sinders said. "I requested a copy of the final plan information so we could review it prior to the meeting, but we have not received it."

Paul Sinders

He added changes had to be made following a work session in May, and did not feel he could make an adequate decision on information he had just been handed.

The commissioners voted unanimously to table the issue to allow time to be taken to receive information on the health plan, which Loughmiller said would be provided to them later in the day Monday.

A special meeting has been set for 10 a.m., Friday, in the Commissioners' Courtroom at the Clay County Courthouse for further review of the insurance proposal.

In other business during Monday's meeting, the commissioners:

* Heard a request from Randy Staley to draft a letter for submittal to the Clay County Health Board regarding the need for an Environmental Audit on the county's septic system. Staley said he has been requesting the audit during meetings of the health board, but to no avail. Brown said he has a meeting planned with Health Board President Dr. Rick Rodgers and would discuss the matter further with him,

* Tabled a decision on a contract for Bridge 84, which is one of the Federal Bridge Projects, until the special meeting, in order to review its details, and

* Approved a Homeland Security Grant of $20,192.28, which is an annual 50-percent reimbursement of the salary of Clay County Emergency Management Director Bryan Husband, and also includes performance-based incentives.

Due to the Independence Day Holiday, the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Clay County Commissioners will be 9 a.m., Tuesday, July 5, in the Commissioners' Courtroom at the Clay County Courthouse.

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