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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finally, we are enjoying some cooler weather. This could be an excellent time to rework the garden and cut this fast-growing grass again Problem is, we are too pooped-out to do that today.

Our youngest grandson's wedding was this past weekend. That kept us busy. Friday night we attended the wedding rehearsal at the Lutheran church in Brownsburg and the dinner hosted by the groom's mother and stepfather was held at Boulder Creek.

Saturday morning, we traveled back to Brownsburg for the wedding.

The beautiful wedding ceremony took place in early afternoon. The reception hosted by the bride's parents followed at the American Legion post in Brownsburg. A great time was enjoyed by all.

Paul and I opted to pass on the steak dinner that was held later in the late evening at Harry and Izzy's.

We knew someone with four legs and big soulful brown eyes would be anxiously pacing back and forth, waiting for our return to the little blue house at the end of the road.

Another fact, there would be much to do on Sunday.

Sunday morning we returned to our grandson, Michael Risk's home in Brownsburg where our family came together and headed out for Noblesville, the home of the groom's uncle Bob Risk and family. Dan's father and stepmother, Bill and Roxanne Risk hosted a cook-out for the bride and groom and their guests there. The weather was perfect, the day perfect for the cook-out in the beautiful up-scale gated subdivision.

After a delicious meal the bride and groom opened their many gifts. Then, after all was said and done we bade everyone farewell and headed back toward our little house.

The newlyweds are now honeymooning in Orlando, the grooms mother and stepfather are back in Scottsdale and others are rehashing the wedding and posting pictures on Facebook.

This morning, Paul picked some raspberries, the first of the season. I wasted no time preparing the tasty fruit for the freezer. After I feel that I have a sufficient amount for the freezer, the remainder will be used for fresh pies.

Much, of course, depends on the weather.

I might even make some homemade raspberry ripple ice cream too! Our old ice cream freezer has not earned it's keep in a long time.

It appears that the blackberry will bear heavily this year. The damp spring helped everything grow, including the brambles. We may need to bush-hog to gain access to them. I'll have whatever comes within my grasp. That's a good thing in these hard times.

The garden is showing much promise, but the two young deer that I mentioned last time visited the corn more than once. They don't seem to be fearful of me and more; I rather enjoy the brief visits.

The injured front leg of the smallest of the pair of young deer is mending nicely. There is barely a limp now. When he or she is spooked the deer swiftly moves toward the retired pasture where her life began. There, amid the mustard, sassafras, wild roses briars and grasses she and her look-a-like sidekick await their next opportunities to visit. Usually they wait until almost sunset to work their way across the lawn. Sometimes the adult females show up too.

The apple tree is loaded with tender leaves and many little green apples that can not be ignored. They clean the bottom branches of both. If I should eat but one of those sour babies there would be things about that unsaid for sure.

Come September, or a wee bit earlier, the best of what remains on the upper branches of the old apple tree will belong to me. The fruit will be fully ripen and tasty. The pies will be so good; each piece will be served with vanilla ice cream. Thanks to Paula Deen's recipe, an applesauce cake is always a "never fail" treat.

These days the broken branches on that tree on the homestead property are no longer needed. Switches aren't in use on the property anymore. I grew up!

The only thing switched around here is the firm pillow with my signature clearly visible on the snow white cover, beneath the floral print case.

Now, I know who would do such a thing behind my back? I hate the lousy trade off. The person that did this has a flattened out pillow clearly marked with the initials PB.

His cases are always plain. I can't help it if he abuses his pillows.

That light-hearted guy must have a heavy head. There is not much in my head, as you might have gathered.

Could be, there shall be neither apple pie and ice cream nor cake if he does it again.

But then again, if I should take away the pastries and other point earners, who would watch "Jeopardy" and "Swamp People" with Tootie Mae and her favorite mom?

I can be reached at 812-446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.