Letter to the Editor

Not necessarily a 'routine' stop

Sunday, June 19, 2011

To the Editor:

On May 31, at around 10:30 p.m., my daughter was pulled over by a policeman in an SUV on Hendrix.

She had just stopped at the sign at Vandalia and started on evidently too fast.

She was driving my vehicle at the time, which he asked if I knew she had it.

He could have called me if he thought she was lying.

My daughter was on her way back to the hospital after going home to get her medicine after getting news that her daughter had a mass above her heart and was being transported to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis.

She had been at the emergency room for five hours for them to find out what was wrong.

The officer said if she had been there five hours, it must not be a dire emergency. This was uncalled for, as an emergency room visit is not like a fast food drive-thru. Tests have to be taken and read, which takes time.

When she arrived at the hospital, her daughter was on the gurney ready for transport.

My granddaughter has a form of cancer, which in my opinion, is an emergency.

You have training for your canine in obedience school. I think this officer needs training also.

Show some respect.

Sandra K. Hayes,