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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is Father's Day. We are enjoying a quite day of reflection and relaxation.

Tomorrow, if the weather cooperates, we will cut the grass and move about a bit.

The vegetable garden has been carefully worked and the barriers to detour wildlife are in place and serving their purpose.

We are already enjoying fresh garden salad. I appreciate radish sandwiches.

Soon the kale and turnip greens will be available. I am a big fan of kale and all greens for that matter. They marry well with boiled eggs, good lean bacon, the drippings and other seasonings.

I started my own sweet potato plants this year. Thanks to a friend that gave me some sweet potatoes last year. I saved the smallest of the tuberous roots and planted them, in a container filled with a rich mixture of soil. They gave me enough vine starts to fill the hill provided for them.

A healthy green sage is doing well in the same natural potting materials.

The "Honey & Cream" sweet corn will be more than knee high by the Fourth of July. Birdhouse gourd vines are reaching for the crown of the catalpa. I added a trellis and extra fencing to give them controlled growing space.

The house wren finally moved into the painted gourd suspended from the ceiling of the back porch. I feared that she was just dry -shopping for a temporary home, but Lucy is in and happy as a lark!

I received a box of fresh packed apricots, a substitute for blueberries, from The Fruit Club early last week. After a few days allowed to fully ripen, we enjoyed a delicious apricot pie.

After I baked a berry pie for a friend, we placed the raspberries that Paul has picked in the freezer.

I will bake with the remaining berries, as they come in.

We searched the property for newer patches and came home, our pails almost empty.

However, some type of bee or other insect zeroed in on my temple and drove his or her stinger deep into my flesh. It left behind a large area of swelling that has yet to stop giving me discomfort. Since I was in a low-lying wooded area that holds dampness, who knows what that could be?

My brother-in-law said I should rub vanilla on my exposed skin to ward off pests. I doubt if I can spare the amount of vanilla that I would need. Remember, the cookie fan lives here!

Last time, I told you about the beautiful wedding that we attended at Messiah Lutheran Church in Brownsburg and the festivities, before and after associated with it.

Some folks who follow this column are also familiar with the Risk name. Our grandson's paternal grandfather and grandmother were well-known to our community in the mid to late '50s.

R. James Risk was the principal of Brazil Senior High School and a homeroom teacher to the mid-term sophomore students class during that period of time.

The impeccably dressed charismatic young educator was a newlywed himself at the time. He brought his lovely wife, Rosemary to school one day and introduced us to her.

At the wedding of Dan and Amber that memory came to me. Jim and Rosemary were just starting out on their journey together too. He held her hand.

Mr. Risk looked at her admiringly and it was clear to see that they were in love. He promised that she would return to visit and she did. They loved sports and missed very few events. We held them in the highest regard. I remember when they brought their first child to school, a handsome little boy named Bill.

I graduated in 1957 and the Risks moved away about that time too. I did not know where.

Time passed, many years in fact, and after my daughter divorced her first husband, she met a young man named Bill Risk, the same Bill Risk introduced to our class all of those years ago. They later married.

How nice it was to see the Risks again and rehash days gone by. He then was Superintendent of Valparaiso Schools, an award winning district.

The man that we admired had won the admiration so many had never forgotten us.

Our children were married several years, before they divorced, but from the marriage two sons were born, Daniel James and Michael Allen Risk.

We have been brought together to celebrated many joyous occasions since. Each time, I look forward to seeing that special mentor in my life and his family, including Bill and the boy's stepmother, Roxanne Risk.

Now Jim and Rosemary live in Chicago. The Risks are the parents of four daughters and two sons and several grandchildren.

The elderly gentleman is still anxious to hear about my schoolmates and classmates, old friends and acquaintances. I pass good words and saved news from home to him. He flashes a warm smile and I, likewise.

We thought you might like to see this picture taken at the cookout at Jim and Rosemary's youngest son's home in Noblesville.

He does not scold me for talking too much these days! Paul assumed that task.

I can be reached by phone at 812-446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.