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100-year Dierdorf family reunion set for July 17

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Submitted by Helen

Dierdorf Bailey

This year will mark 100 years since the first Dierdorf Family Reunion.

This year, the family is looking forward to all related Dierdorf/Deardorf family to take part in a large picture, which will be submitted to a well-known magazine.

This year's reunion will take place July 17, at Forest Park.

A pitch-in dinner is scheduled for noon. Door prizes will be handed out and the game left/right will take place.

For more information regarding the reunion, call Helen Dierdorf Bailey at 812-665-2911 or Carolyn Dierdorf at 1-219-362-4466.

The following ran in the Brazil Weekly Democrat Wednesday, Aug. 12, 1912:

Dierdorf Family Reunion

"A most enjoyable event was the second annual reunion of the Dierdorff families, which took place at the beautiful farm home of Peter Dierdorff and family, three-and-one-half miles southeast of Asherville, Saturday, Aug. 17, where about 300 relatives and friends gathered together and spent one of the most enjoyable days of their lives, talking with friends from far and near.

"The morning was very beautiful until just as the four large tables were covered with all the good things imaginable when there came a shower of rain, which caused no little excitement for a little while, but it soon passed over and the good things were not hurt much for the tables were under a large canvas.

"But the people did justice to the goodies after the rain and there was plenty left to feed many more.

"The Staunton band furnished music for the day, which was enjoyed by everyone. Horseshoe pitching and baseball were the features of the day. Immediately after dinner, the election of officers took place, which were as follows: Peter Dierdorff, president/ John P. Dierdorff, secretary; George W. Dierdorf, treasurer; committee on arrangements, George W. Dierdorff, Benj F. Dierdorff, Fred W. Dierdorf, L.T. Dierdorff, Frank Dierdorff, Wm C. Dierdorff and Henry Dierdorff.

"The next meeting will be held at the home of David Dierdorff on the last Saturday in August 1913, to which an invitation is extended to all.

"Those present were as follows: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dierdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Dierdorff, Mr. and Mrs. David Dierdorff Sir and family, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Dierdorff, Mrs. Margaret Dierdorff, Mrs. K.J. Dierdorff and daughter of Indianapolis, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dierdorf Sir and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Dierdorf and family, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Dierdorff and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo Dierdorff, Seborn Cornell, Mrs. Charles Stearley and son, Mrs. Charles H. Young of Andrews, Ind., Jacob Dierdorff and daughter of Coal City, Mrs. Bertha Hostettler and daughter of Coal City, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dierdorff and family, Mrs. JJ Mueller and two sons of Tower Hill, Ill., Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Redenbacher and family, Mrs. John A. Lawson and three children of Clay City, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dierdorff and family, Mr. and Mrs. Gus F. Dierdorff and daughter of Clarksville, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMichael and family, Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Dierdorff and son, Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Dierdorff and son, John P. Dierdorff, John J. Dierdorff, George Dierdorf, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Myers and family, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Dierdorff and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moench and family of Terre Haute, Mr. and Mrs. Benson of Terre Haute, Mrs. E.L. Dierdorff and two daughters, Peter J. Dierdorff and daughter of Winnipeg, Canada, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jackson and daughter, Mrs. Gertrude Meyers, Miss Shirley Meyers and Miss Fawny Dierdorff of Terre Haute, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Baughman and family, Mrs. Salome Zimmerman and daughter of Terre Haute, Miss Clara Miller of Terre Haute, Clem Ferrell of Muncie, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. John Byers and family, Roy Swinehart, Mr. and Mrs. John Bolls of New Comers town, Ohio, Mr. and Mrs. John Stearley and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hughes of Clinton, Ind., Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Stearley and family, Mrs. Thomas Tribble and family, Mr. and Mrs. Val Steuerwald and family, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Carrithers, Mrs. William Sonnefield, Mrs. Stella Latham, son and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Koehler, Mrs. Chris Koehler, Mrs. Nancy Byers, Miss May Byers, Clarence Byers, Mrs. Robert Gardner and son, Mrs. Sadie Neidlinger, Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Baughman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fraaza, Mrs. Lizzie McNeill, Mr. and Mrs. Riley McCullough with son and daughter, David Stearley, Clifford Stearley, Clayton Stearley, William Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Kortpeter, Mrs. Howald, Mrs. Vina Stigler, Mrs. Mary E. Palm and son, Mrs. David Stigler and son, Mrs. Lewis McCullough and Mrs. Mendenhall of Brazil, Edward Stearley, Ella Lemay, Roy Steuerwald, William Evans, Charles Evans, Everett Evans, Oscar Haney, Randall Haney, Lucile Givens, Miss Elizabeth Sands, Mr. and Mrs. George Veil and family, and Mr. and Mrs. George Burkhardt and family, C.W. Steward, W.L. Cooper, P.B. Koile, Ross Ehrlich, R.C. Cooper, J.H. Stewart, Harvey Riggs, James Cooper, Walter Williams, Clarence C. Lee, E. Ell, J. Ell, Arthur Alexander, Scott Brandriff, P.A. Scherb, Ivan Parrish, Lorene Knox and Mary Sonnefield."

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