Letter to the Editor

Need new place for haunted barn

Sunday, June 26, 2011

To the Editor:

My name is John Bryan and I have been working with a group that puts on a haunted barn for the past five years.

This year, we are unable to use the barn for our charity work and are looking for a place in Brazil to continue our cause.

We have been looking for a place without success.

Now, I am reaching out to the community that I have lived in for the past 38 years for help.

This year, we would like to collect the money for cancer research in honor of Loretta Terrel, who passed away in 2008 and a friend of my 14-year-old daughter who recently lost her fight with cancer.

We carry our own insurance and have safety rules in place.

We do all the work ourselves and enjoy spending time with the community.

The group I work with has been doing this charity event for 10 years and it would be a shame if we could not continue.

They have done so much good with different charities each year.

We can haunt anything; the group has great imagination and can make almost anything work.

If you have any information or you have a place we could use, please contact me at 448-9183.

Thank you.

John Bryan,