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Bucshon believes issues can be fixed

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Congressman Larry Bucshon spoke with members of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday during the chamber's monthly meeting. Jason Moon Photo.
Congressman Larry Bucshon is confident the federal government can dig its way out of this rut.

With the help of the American people.

"Things can be saved," Bucshon said, adding he believed the next year-and-a-half will be "difficult."

Bucshon -- who represents Indiana's 8th District -- was the guest speaker during the June meeting for the Clay County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday.

Since being elected, Bucshon, a Republican, has made several visits to Clay County.

"The main reason I'm here is to hear from you," he told those in attendance Tuesday.

Bucshon explained to the audience the three issues that concerned him the most, including taxes, regulation and the national debt, before fielding questions.

"People are uncertain about what's going to happen in the near future," Bucshon said regarding taxes. "We need to work toward ways to make our country more competitive.

"Businesses out there just don't know which direction taxes are going to go."

Bucshon added with the country inching closer and closer to the debt ceiling, citizens have expressed concern.

"We will be going across the debt ceiling no matter what we do," he said. "That is a significant issue worldwide. It's totally unclear what will happen because we've never actually gone over the debt ceiling.

"That uncertainty, I think, is hurting us. We can't continue to spend the way we are. We have tough choices to make."

Many asked Bucshon questions regarding the federal government, but most centered on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an agency Bucshon admitted he is not a big fan of.

"The people currently running the EPA, I think, are way out there," he said. "All of us, on both sides of the aisle, have problems with the EPA right now."

Many questioned the size and scope of the power the EPA has in addition to the switch at the end of the year from incandescent light bulbs to bulbs that use lower energy, as well as the clean air and clean water acts.

"They've got broad power," Bucshon said of the EPA. "It's very concerning. I didn't realize how much power those agencies had."

Bucshon added the more people speak out against regulations, the more might listen.

"The way, we as citizens can impact this, is in the court of public opinion," he said.

Bucshon also discussed health care reform and his view on it.

"I want to repeal it," he said. "It does have significant economic impact on small businesses."

Bucshon said several business owners, both large and small, that he has spoken with have all said they plan on dropping health care as an expense in the future.

"It will be cheaper for businesses to drop all insurance for employers and put them on a statewide exchange," he said. "We do not want the federal government to be the one that takes over this part of the economy."

Bucshon, however, said cooler heads are beginning to prevail in Washington, D.C., as elected officials are starting to see the problems the country faces in a clearer view.

"Getting past the political rhetoric will help," he said, adding he was "optimistic," and the American people have always found a way to take care of past problems.

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Lovely, "We" have tough choices to make eh Buschon?

How many tough "choices" are the high placed Congressional leaders making in their daily lives? Are you faced with having electric or food? As school begins again, are you concerned about how you're going to work and afford on minimum wage how to put your child in aftercare? Are you staying up at night wondering how to avoid losing your home after working your fingers to the bone for decades to do everything right? Are you faced with caring for your elderly parents because the cuts in Medicare and pensions have left them dependent on their children? By the way, to the former generations, such an action was their worst nightmare. I have serious doubts these troubles are your own. Perhaps if they were, then it would better facilitate the proper motivation needed to see that you, along with your fellow Congressmen, are failing us as a nation and as a people.

Until I see you up there on Capitol Hill with tough stances that make waves and make you unpopular, then your words are like cotton candy; frivolous spun sugar with no substance at all in the end.

As I look around and see my fellow Hoosiers suffering because of your "popular" decisions on the tough legislation, I personally see you as a detriment to the system that is drawn up and designed to be "for the people , by the people". So far sir, you haven't shown me or the majority of those I have spoken with any evidence that you are the man we need for us, your constituents. Let it be known, your fellow politicians on both sides are failing miserably too.

We voted you in, now do your job or find yourself not living off our dollars anymore.

P.S. We, the one's who are forced to make "the tough decisions" are really sick and tired of you serving a minimal term and having lifetime health benefits and pension. If our parents lose their pensions, then you lose yours as well. If you had an ounce of conscience, you would be a trendsetter and fore go it to make a stand.


"One Fed Up Hoosier!"

-- Posted by karenmeister on Tue, Jun 28, 2011, at 10:46 PM

i totally agree with you karen, I as a hoosier has always wondered why the politicians take the dollars that businesses give them and think of creating a utopia of low paying jobs and no healthcare as the best thing a politician can do for the survival of a business . It seems to me a lower paying job and no insurance to keep one's self and thier family is of the least importance because after thier term is done they are entitled to a healthy pension along with a 100% covered medical plan that they generously voted for thierselves. no wonder we are running out of money

-- Posted by brazil citizen on Tue, Jun 28, 2011, at 11:43 PM

Having spent many years studying History and Government and then many more years teaching it, I have seen the trend that has been growing in our state and federal governments. They preach and preach about how America is falling behind in education yet their only 'solution' is to cut funding to education, a logical 'solution' I am sure. The politicians think nothing of the laws they pass regarding healthcare, retirement, minimum wage, taxes etc. because in many of these cases (taxes and minimum wage excepted) because they are either exempt or can exempt themselves from them. On the taxes and minimum wage issues, there are certain members of our Congress that feel they shouldn't have to pay their fair share of taxes and let's be honest most of them haven't known what it was like to have to support a family on minimum in a looooong time if ever.

A majority of our politicians are more concerned with their 'pet projects' and party platforms than the actual needs of their constituents. It's time that they are reminded that they hold the positions that they hold at the pleasure of the American People, they work for US, WE are their bosses, and in the private sector if we as employees did such a lousy job for our bosses how long would we last before they fired us? It's time they look at the laws they pass and say could I live with this if it applied to me and let's be honest it if it applies to us it should apply to them as well, after all, just because they were elected into office doesn't make them any better than the rest of us. Think about it.

-- Posted by Mr. History on Wed, Jun 29, 2011, at 9:50 AM

So Larry would kill the EPA -- the environment needs no protection -- according to Larry. Anybody ever see pictures of corporate America belching black coal dust and smoke into the air? There's lots of coal in Clay County. Larry would remove government regulations so that coal could be mined and used however corporate America wishes to do so. Of course this would create serious health problems, but Larry would deny us health care. So who cares? Besides, a shorter lifespan creates jobs for those strong enough to survive.

"The people currently running the EPA, I think, are way out there," he said. "All of us, on both sides of the aisle, have problems with the EPA right now." If there are problems with EPA, where is the mandated oversight committee responsible for fixing problems with government programs? The EPA exists because of legislation created by elected officials, like Larry.

-- Posted by dismalscientist on Wed, Jun 29, 2011, at 11:49 AM

You are right on the money Larry. Keep up the good work.

-- Posted by patriotgames on Wed, Jun 29, 2011, at 5:36 PM

"The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution reads:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people."

I didn't read anywhere in the Constitution anything about protecting the environment being a FEDERAL issue, therefore, it should be left up to the states.

Now if the states want to have an EPA, then I am OK with that.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Wed, Jun 29, 2011, at 5:59 PM

There is also no department of energy, or education. Again, these are STATE issues. PERIOD.

-- Posted by Conservative Dad on Wed, Jun 29, 2011, at 6:01 PM

You are partially correct in what you are saying Conservative Dad but there is also a part of the Constitution that deal with implied powers. Implied powers dealing with needs that the founding fathers didn't have but felt might be needed at some time in the future. Not saying that you are wrong just that there is more to some of these issues than many people may realize.

-- Posted by Mr. History on Thu, Jun 30, 2011, at 9:56 AM

Too many of our politicians, especially the new breed of Republicans, have became indentured servants to corporate interests. Nearly all of the teabaggers and hard right Republicans claim to be Christians and over and over again choose to serve mammon over God.

It never ceases to amaze me that these so called Christians can decide that corporations deserve tax breaks for private jets, that the behemoth oil companies need subsidies, and that the richest among us shouldn't pay their fair share of taxes while deciding it's okay to let the weakest in our country die and go hungry because they're poor; cheat tax payers of benefits that they've paid for; remove school funding; preclude teachers, firefighters, and police from having collective bargaining power and the list goes on. These politicians have decided to serve the huge corporations when they've been elected to serve us and we shouldn't stand for it.

Every election these candidates come out and flash a few hot button issues like abortion and gun rights before the voters while hiding their true agenda. They know if they can get the voters excited about a few tangent issues that they'll likely be (re)elected by successfully conning people to once again vote against their own best interest. They know that if they told most of the voters of their true plans to decimate Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and a vast array of other programs that benefit the common person while pumping billions of dollars into the pockets of multi billionaires that they wouldn't stand a chance of getting elected.

If our state and country can make it to the next elections intact, we must hold these politicians accountable for what they've done. The mean-spiritedness that permeates the hard right doesn't represent the vast majority of the people of Indiana and the USA and its proponents shouldn't be sent to Washington and Indianapolis to represent us.

-- Posted by Unsolicited opinion on Thu, Jun 30, 2011, at 5:30 PM

There's so many errors in Karen's post that one hardly knows where to begin, so let's begin by assuming she knows presently what it is like to make ends meet on minimum wage. She doesn't. Why? She doesn't make minimum wage, so she wouldn't have the first clue.

Second, the home marketing values were artificially inflated by a gimic used by democrats (see "Community Reinvestment Act"), now called the "housing bubble". If Mr. History knows anything about history (he doesn't, but let's not let facts get in the way), economic bubbles are always created by government programs. The problem is that the bubble gets so large that it becomes "too big to fail", and thus our money gets dumped into a pit that only borrows time before it ultimately fails. With your money.

Public education is a failure. You would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not notice. Money has been pumped into a socialistic system to support teachers unions at the sacrifice of students. Unions literally micturate themselves when faced with private competition that would open a market that would pay teachers more and would employ more teachers, eliminating the NEA completely.

Medicare and Medicaid has done nothing but pump up the cost of healthcare for everyone, those with and without insurance, and has offered limited services in return.

Social Security, as we know it now, is taking money from the present wage earners that they will never see again.

You see, Karen, you are a liberal. You're failures are evident in the mob riots in Greece and other EU countries that will soon be joining them.

I want to keep what I earn. You didn't earn it, I did. You don't deserve a penny of it. I can decide much better than you or your beloved bloated government how to spend my money.

What I'm ultimately saying is that I'm sick and tired of listening to self righteous pompass sycophants such as yourself telling people that government failures are ultimately resolved by taking more labor (dollars, for someone as simple as you) from it's citizens.

You haven't the first clue what you are talking about.

-- Posted by Strider on Sat, Jul 2, 2011, at 11:45 PM

Dear Strider,

What in the world are you smoking? It seems to me that you can read the words in people's posts, but are unable to comprehend what they are saying. I re-read Karen's post a few times, and she never said anything about the redistribution of wealth, something our current president is in favor of, by the way, nor did she say she had all the answers to solving these problems. What she did say was that our Congress doesn't seem to concerned with fixing the real problems. I would also love to know how you know anything about how much she earns, or doesn't earn, I would also like to know how you can say I know nothing about history, sorry Strider but I have a degree from a prestigious University in History and can prove what I say, can you? And if you are such an expert in History, that you claim I am not, why is it that everything I said in my earlier posts is documented and can easily be verified by anyone with the brains to do so?

You seem to be so good at making assumptions about Karen and me, so I think I will make a few about you. You no doubt are some bootlicking, butt kissing, brown nosing yes man to one of our many 'fine' politicians that you feel you have to attack anyone that calls them on the carpet for their poor job performance. Well that is fine, because when they are out of a job due to that poor performance, so will you and then you can see what it is like to make ends meet on next to nothing, like many people in this and other states, so enjoy it while it lasts. After all, all good things must end.

Oh, and as an aside, where you say "You're failures are evident...." It should be your, but then you're so smart you probably already knew that.

-- Posted by Mr. History on Tue, Jul 5, 2011, at 9:44 AM

Well, well, Mr. History. Speaking of assumptions, looks like you made plenty of them. First, you assume that even more dollars being poured into the failing public education system is a factor in graduation rates and grade point averages. It isn't. More and more of our tax dollars are going into such a system, yet the results of those efforts are dismal at best. So much for your history degree. You might check on a refund.

Also, Karen has regularly posted on this forum and has been quite candid on a personal level. That's how I know she isn't working a minimum wage job.

Now then, as for me working for a politician? Sorry to disappoint a life that is chock full of 'em already, but I work in an industry that is already heavily regulated and passes down that same expense to it's customers.

Only a naive liberal would think government regulations are good for the economy, even as contrary facts regarding such a belief are evident daily.

Sorry about the punctuation as well, but that was nothing more than bait on a hook, and you bit.

Now then, about that Greece thing, you might ask yourself what happens to a society grown dependent on socialist programs when the money runs out.

Try some fiscal responsibility on for size. I'm tired of dumping my money in government programs that I'll never see again.

Come to think of it, neither will the next generation....

or the next....

or the next.....

Now do your job, make yourself useful, and check for spelling errors.

Make that degree worth something.

-- Posted by Strider on Tue, Jul 5, 2011, at 2:07 PM


Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough, so I will forgo my penchant for verbosity and be succinct. I believe in LESS government and fiscal responsibility. I believe our constitution is very clear about how this country can and should run and has been tossed aside to accommodate those who would see her destroyed to enrich themselves. Most importantly, I am for free speech and will die to preserve your right to that as well. Thanks for your comments! Oh and incomes change, but I do appreciate you paying attention to my posts. :)

-- Posted by karenmeister on Tue, Jul 5, 2011, at 6:10 PM

Oh gosh...I love verbal volleyball!

-- Posted by Proud of My Country on Wed, Jul 6, 2011, at 11:17 AM

Me too, PROUD! I'm grabbing a bowl of popcorn and a Diet Coke for Round 2. I have to say, though .. I'm leaning towards STRIDER in this conversation.

Please! Continue!

-- Posted by Emmes on Wed, Jul 6, 2011, at 11:56 AM

Strider, yet again you show that you can read the words, but still fail to comprehend what is being said. I never said that throwing more money into education would solve the problems, yet by the same token investing less in it won't either. The point I was making was that our 'illustrious' politicians bemoan the state of our education system, how we are falling behind other countries, but then the first thing they cut is funding for education, am I the only one that sees the hypocrisy in that? By their logic if you break your finger the only way to 'fix' it is to cut off the hand.

I am the first to agree that there are problems in our education system. Having spent many years in the education field and coming from a family of educators, I can say with all certainty there is enough blame to go around. It's not ALL the teachers fault; it's not ALL the systems fault. Yes there are bad teachers, yes there are bad administrator/administrations, and there are bad systems/districts. However, people who lay all the blame there are overlooking the responsibilities of the students themselves and of their families. It's a little concept I've mentioned before called PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. You can have the greatest teacher in the world, the very best administrators, the wealthiest district with all the technology and equipment but if students don't take an active role in their own education it is no wonder they fail. If the families don't instill the importance of a good education in their children and don't take an active role in that education, again, it is no wonder they fail.

Contrary to what you think you know about me, I too agree with Karen that there is too much fiscal irresponsibility in our Government. It has been shown time and time again that many of our elected officials are more interested in their 'pet' projects than the needs of their constituents. There is too much party politics going on and not enough listening to what the people want and need. Ours is supposed to be a "Government of the people, by the people, for the people", and in that statement party is not interchangeable with people.

The point I was making in my previous post was that our elected officials hold their offices at the pleasure of the voters, WE THE PEOPLE are their bosses. They are supposed to be working for US. If they won't listen to the voices of those that put them in office then they need to be fired. In any job out there, if you don't do the job your boss hired you to do, you will be fired. Our elected officials need to learn that we are watching them, will hold them accountable for their actions and if we don't think they are doing the job we 'hired' them to do then we will 'fire' them.

-- Posted by Mr. History on Wed, Jul 6, 2011, at 2:54 PM

Interesting points. The solution to save a failing system is to continue to pour the same amount of money into such a system so that the "status quo" can be maintained.

Let's illustrate the flaw in your argument.

Charter schools have shown repeatedly that they can educate children at lower costs to the consumer, all the while surpassing the quality of education in public schools.

Suggesting that a public official wanting to cut funding for public schools is somehow going to be detrimental to an already failed system is to ignore the obvious.

My analogy to you is that we "cut off the finger to save the hand".

Second, I've never blamed teachers for the failure of the system, although there are many who deserve it. Who I blame is teachers unions that protect teachers for mediocre and subpar performance, who then turn and donate half of the taxpayer proceeds they have garnished in dues to the democrat party.

You stress the importance of accountability and performance of public officials, and while I agree with such a sentiment, I can't help but notice your hypocrisy in matters of education. You then blame the failures of this very same system on the students themselves.

Let's put this in simple terms that even you can understand.

The student is the customer. You provide a service. If the student (and their parents)feel they aren't getting the service they are paying for, they should be free to take that money and find someone who will do the job.

So rather than blame the parents and the students that are paying your salary, I suggest you take some pride and some personal accountability in your profession.

After all, your rates for these services are rising faster than that of healthcare, a system you seem to take exception to.

Get a grip, get a clue, and for God's sake, stop blaming the kids and their parents for your ineptness.

If you can't put it together, then you will soon find yourself out of a job, tenure be damned.

-- Posted by Strider on Wed, Jul 6, 2011, at 9:47 PM

We done here?

-- Posted by Strider on Fri, Jul 8, 2011, at 10:01 PM

I agree with Karen & Mr. History. I have had my large share of bad non effective teachers that failed to their jobs even in the 70's and nothing has changed. The school system has a higher priority for sports than they do educations.

I think these two folks should run for office.

The oil companies are running this country now and they will be our end. Government is in their back pocket. Moving to Mexico is looking better all the time. Why not that's where our jobs went.

-- Posted by Trust-in-God on Sat, Jul 9, 2011, at 6:09 AM

You just went from praising a dismal public education system by professing to be in agreement with Mr. History's position that more money be spent so that a failing system can be maintained, to blaiming oil companies for perceived failures of our government.

Hate to break it to ya, Champ, but our government makes more money off gasoline than do the people who produce it, and pumping more money into public education has produced negative results.

But, if you need any help packing, give me a shout. I'm sure you'll find a better job in Mexico (sarcasm).

-- Posted by Strider on Sat, Jul 9, 2011, at 3:32 PM

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