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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I often get replies to the Harmony Happenings, but received no calls about the Van Buren Memorial Wall. I don't know what that means, but apparently there is no news there. Too bad.

Sharene Wallenbrock came down on Friday afternoon. We headed to Terre Haute about 5 a.m., the next morning. We caught a Turner Coach and spent Saturday and Sunday in Chicago. It was a great trip. We got a chance to talk for days.

Sharene and I spent both afternoons at the Art Institute. Spending a few hours in a room with original Impressionist Paintings is just good for the soul. The pieces are so bright and almost all are light-hearted subjects. It was like sunshine and soft breezes in spring.

We visited the Shedd Aquarium, Navy Pier, and the zoo. Some folks shopped the Magnificent Mile and others went to Sears Tower even if it isn't called Sears Tower anymore.

The food in Chicago was great, too. Turner had arranged a breakfast buffet at the hotel just for our group.

The Renaissance had the best potatoes with chunks of peppers and onions. We also ate at the Rainforest Café and a great Italian restaurant near the entrance to Navy Pier. Forgot the name.

A quick stop at Culvers on the way home added several more tasty calories -- worth every mouthful. I recommend the sweet potato fries.

We arrived back in Harmony a little before midnight. We were exhausted but managed to talk another 1 ˝ hours. It has been years since we had such a good visit.

Sharene and Bob are expecting daughter Jenny and her two children to arrive back in Indiana for a visit soon.

Hopefully, there are no videos of me walking down Michigan Avenue in Chicago. My orthopedic surgeon had the nurse to put surgical hose for my bad knee when I was in Jasper. I have worn them for over a month now. Wearing them to Chicago was highly recommended.

The aggravating things fold under at the toes and still extend to unmentionable parts. At least, that is supposed to be where they are. Mine wanted to be knee highs. Poor Sharene had to walk with a fat lady using her pockets to grasp the tops of the baggers and try to hurry to the bus stop. It was not a pretty sight.

I had tried to buy some new hose here in town before the trip. I was measured and told I needed a medium size. Anyone who knows me knows that the last time I was medium was the day I was born. And that was a fairly pudgy medium! They sold me two pair of torture devices for close to $80.

Those of you who have had to wear surgical hose will understand the difficulty of pulling them on. Imagine trying to put a marshmallow through the eye of a needle.

My new hose felt like prickly wool on the inside but were so thick I felt like there was an overcoat on each leg, once I got them on me. Think thick Tyvec. Tyvec would definitely have been more pliable. It's that stuff they wrap around houses to make them impenetrable.

Summer is not a time for a vapor barrier. Add to this a contortion exercise that ended with a a tourniquet at the top of each leg.

I tried them as soon as I got home that day. After three hours I was ready to scream. There was no way to wear them in Chicago. I was forced to go back to the old baggers from the Jasper doctor.

The nurse had fitted them over a badly swollen knee. I had worn and washed them repeatedly for over a month. The hose had worn to the point they would have stretched over the Hulk but they were a blessing compared to the new ones.

Harmony United Methodist Women met in Fellowship Hall on Monday evening. Rose Marie Pell served delicious cupcakes, cashews, mints, strawberries and fresh pineapple.

Guest Lila Waugh gave the lesson. Lila goes to Memorial United Methodist and is the unit president of UMW. She is also adistrict officer.

Lila sang several Methodist hymns and told the history of each one. Her daughter had given her a book that showed the music and lyrics on one page and the story of the song writer on the facing page. It was very pleasant and inspirational. Lila is one of those quiet radiant people that just make you feel closer to God.

The entire West District of Methodist Women is hosting a family picnic at Forest Park. This will be in August. I will have more information later.

Lila told us to start decorating our cowgirl hats to celebrate being from the West. There will be a little good natured contest.

President of HUMW, Sheila TerMeeris planning to attend one day of the School of Christian Missions that is to be held at DePauw University in July. I may go but I'm not sure about my plans yet.

By the time this comes out, I should be back from Jasper. A friend is having some severe back pain. I recommended Dr. Norris. He's the surgeon that has me wearing those socks but I won't hold that against him.

My friend is getting a consult at Jasper. I hope to visit some friends and my little foo-foo truck knows where all the antique shops are located on the way back.

I still love my little Ranger. We may have to stop by the Amish Restaurant, too.

Happy July Birthdays to Ashley West and Mike Kester (2nd), Peggy Pell and Shontana Head (3rd), Brenda Shorter (4th), Kaelyn Lawrence and Karen Roach (6th), Sandy Bell (7th), Elisa London (10th), Shea McCoy (18th), Hally Sparks (19th)Seth Head (22nd), Mabry TerMeer and Robert Maurer (23rd), Nikki Osborn (25th), Bell Killion (28th), Marsha Nicoson (29th), Clyde Bryan (30th). Happy Anniversary to Jim and Shirley Pell (30th).

Happy July Anniversaries to Brother Mikey and Karen Roach (2nd), Rita and Greg Jones (3rd), Ryan and Elisa London, (5th), Mike and Suzy Morgan (7th), Judy and Fritz Maurer (10th), Michael and Nancy Mace (16th), Marc and Susan Maurer (25th), Kevin and Andra Wolfe (29th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

July 3 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:30 a.m.

July 6 - Bible Study, Quilting 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

July 17 -- Sunday at the Fairgrounds