Letter to the Editor

Food Pantry Chairman: Increase in requests for local assistance

Monday, July 4, 2011

To the Editor:

The Emergency Food Pantry has seen a dramatic increase in request for assistance.

Mrs. Ruth Haas, Director, reports that 864 family units consisting of 173 adults over 60, 1,953 adults, and 1,053 children were provided a total of 9,463 bags/boxes of food and other household essentials.

Additional volunteers, male and female, are needed to work as available. Hours of operation are 9 a.m.-noon, weekdays.

We have become aware that individuals have been taking goods out of the outbuilding without permission.

Signs are posted to warn of prosecution for violators. The public is reminded that all donations to the pantry become the possession of the pantry. The pantry has been blessed with generous donations of various kinds, but there remain special needs.

You can call the pantry for understanding of current needs.

Our thanks to the community for enabling us to provide assistance for the many families in our community who are experiencing hard times.

You are welcome to stop by the pantry during business hours to see the program in action.

Some days, we serve as many as 37 households with the supply of their needs.

There are days when we are extremely busy.

Assistance is always appreciated.

Thank you Clay County.

George Hewitt, Chairman,

Clay County Food Pantry