Letter to the Editor

Resident has poem published

Monday, July 4, 2011

Editor's Note: Brazil resident Bette Blackwell gave The Brazil Times permission to run her poem, which she said has already been published in the book, "Poets of the Heartland." The poem can be found on Page 18.

On Studying a Leaf

While living with a leaf one day, I chanced to see a pattern.

A plan designed to organize.

A book, perchance, to mesmerize. It seemed to be a blueprint

Straight from Heaven.

The stem from which the leaves extend would be the text book title.

Each leaf would be a chapter, then their close relationship akin

As builders working toward a common goal.

The vein that reaches up each leaf would be the chapter heading.

The sub-heads come from either side, the details under these abide.

Together they will help decide the meaning.

Did God design the leaf for me to help me with my planning?

Did he predict my helpless state? Did he design the leaf and wait

For more to finally have the sense to see it?

If so, what other plans might he have placed within my reach?

Do I but need to pause and gaze to see my pathway through the Maze? Are all the answers there within the leaf?

Bette Blackwell,