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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Folks, I have tried to write this article all evening. However, we are getting bad reception on the TV in the living room. There is interference nearby this computer, beyond my control.

Hopefully, after the Dish technician visit's the little blue house at the end of the road on the Fourth of July, the fireworks will cease here. Read between the lines!

Our grandson Michael Risk plans to spend a few hours with us tomorrow.

After dinner, we will visit beautiful Forest Park. I know he will have a good time. We always enjoy the celebration!

Just beyond Restlawn Cemetery, one can see, a beautiful display of fireworks light up the night sky. Perhaps the action is in the Hendrix Street vicinity.

Somewhere, higher overhead, my youngest granddaughter Mary Shannon Patrick is in flight headed from Denver to Boston to visit her eldest sister Alexis Cory and her family.

Lori called me today. The family will not visit Indiana at this time, as originally planned. The trip will be rescheduled, perhaps in August when her daughter Sarah's baby is born, in Terre Haute.

Our eldest daughter, Starla Sartor-May and her husband Bruce May will be going on their vacation next week. They are going on a cruise. The couple will tour Barcelona, Spain, Greece and Italy, her favorite destination to date, and other exciting places.

The US Navy provided a somewhat similar Mediterranean cruise and shore experience to her father 55-years ago, during the Suez Crisis. The "old salt" is still talking about it.

Everyone has a place to go. Funny thing, my "new as new" retro Tapestry covered luggage set is over 40-years old. Dorothy told me that there is no place like home and I believed her. The same applies for "Toto" and "Tootie Mae."

So, here I am doing what comes naturally and loving every minute. Well, almost!

This morning I traveled up and down the rows of my garden and picked up a few souvenirs, weeds and bugs and such. I picked up a little sunburn and sailed a stick on a little bit water in the ditch.

I came across a healthy green gourd plant clinging to a catalpa tree in my backyard and found tiny babies and a lady beetle amid the blooms. I smiled.

The barred rock rooster charged the newly assigned egg gatherer again. I promised a solution to the problem on a cooler day. That tough bird's head is headed for the chopping block. I can already taste the homemade noodles.

We have been watching the Anthony court case. By the time you read this article the case could be decided. Casey Anthony, a young single mother living in Florida is accused of killing her only child, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Over a month has been spent in court hearing the case. Many witnesses have testified, including family members of Casey and the deceased little girl.

Lawyers, with mounds of homework, pictures and other items of interest have hammered out issues and sorted through truths and lies, still leaving behind many unanswered questions. The first and foremost left to ponder, what did happened to the child?

The well-publicized trial reached across the globe via media coverage and word of mouth. Emotions and opinions ran rampant. The accused heard and saw what was known and assumed of her life's history unfold before her, the good and the bad of it.

A woman of small stature sat practically motionless for hour upon hour during the trial, sometimes sobbing and sometimes laughing and straightened her blouses constantly, as if it mattered. Seemingly, steely cold, she may or may not have felt nothing when others close to her cried openly without cover of a handkerchief.

Yet we wondered if she testified, that of which the young woman declined, might the outcome of the trial be different? Was she falsely accused or taking the rap for someone other than her?

After the conclusion of the trial, including the prosecution's rebuttal and the judge's instructions tomorrow morning, the jurors will have their work cut out for them.

I must say, I hope they weigh all of the evidence and get it right.

Will I become this interested in such a case aired on TV or otherwise again? No, only if I am assigned jury duty or called upon to testify.

Thinking about this case, the victim of the crime, the accused and the details was a brain drain. All I want is rest and peace for an angel, whatever or how long it takes to make that happen, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Well readers, it's time to medicate and get some rest. My top-knot is spinning out of control. Goodnight!

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