Letter to the Editor

Resident's pets have rights, too

Sunday, July 17, 2011

To the Editor:

Are you and your pets safe in Clay County?

Over the last two weeks, my wife and I have been asking ourselves this very same question.

Nearly two weeks ago, I was thrown out of bed by the sounds of a small dog screaming in fear and pain. As my wife and I ran to see the commotion, we looked directly in front of our home and there in the middle of the street was a pit bull and boxer attacking and eventually killing this small dog.

My wife and I raced to the street to chase the dogs away. As we chased them away, I realized these were not some stray animals, but they were our own neighbors' dogs who were causing this carnage.

I called the Clay County Sheriff's Department and Sgt. Frazier responded. Sgt. Frazier spoke with my wife and I and then with the neighbors. After taking pictures and speaking with the dog's owners, he issued them a citation.

On July 10, 2011, the same two dogs came onto my front porch and attacked my cat. Lucky for the cat, the front door was open so that my wife could see what was transposing. We were able to get the two dogs distracted long enough for the cat to escape inside with only minor injuries.

Again, I called the sheriff's department and Deputy Knopp responded. For the second time, my neighbors were issued a citation.

Deputy Knopp returned to my home and told us that he would see what could be done to have these dogs removed.

On July 11, 2011, as I was leaving for work, there in front of my house was the pit bull.

The pit bull was alone this time, but I can only guess that he came back to my house to finish what he started the day before.

I called the Sheriff's Department again and another deputy responded. He went to my neighbor's house and issued yet a third citation.

After all three incidents, I had enough and called our Sheriff. I explained to him my anger and frustration with irresponsible pet owners. I was informed that unless pets attack a human on livestock, there is nothing that they can do but issue a citation.

In closing, the Clay County Sheriff's Department was polite, courteous and very professional.

The Sheriff did what the law allowed them to do in issuing a citation.

Citizens of Clay County, specifically Carbon, beware of these savage killers in your town. If you see these dogs loose, watch your children and pets closely.

Call the Sheriff's Department immediately. It's a shame that people can't enjoy their homes or the community without fear of being attacked by these vicious animals.

Why must we wait for a human being to be mauled or even killed before these animals or their irresponsible owners are dealt with?

Stephen West,