Letter to the Editor

Corporation needs change now

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To the Editor:

With a new Superintendent and a new Assistant Superintendent and an opening for a new Northview Principal, I would like to put an item on the table to consider restructuring our school board.

I believe that the present board structure is malfunctional at times to the point of not serving our students and our public to its fullest extent.

I would like to have our Superintendents and current board members consider voters placing school board members in their respective school districts.

Three board members would be voted into office from the Clay City School Districts to serve Clay City schools and five board members would be voted into office from our Northview-North Clay Middle School district to serve those schools.

Both boards would share a Superintendent and an Assistant Superintendent.

Such a change could improve board members functioning by separating school systems with different educational philosophies: Produce a board with better functioning knowledge of school operational status.

It could produce a fuller overall knowledge of educational operation when new board members take office.

I would like this change to be considered and investigated at this time to be used by our voters at our next election, if this change is considered feasible.

Our current school board could be put into effect by voting a policy for two separate boards for this change.

If this isn't feasible, then our corporation needs to come up with other solutions to our current school board's malfunction.

The need is there now.

In 1982, the state department approved the construction of Northview High School only if that school board agreed to leave Clay City schools functioning at that time.

Both school systems in our corporation have different philosophies.

The current school board is not maintaining Clay City schools on the same educational level that existed in 1982.

Currently, both school systems philosophies are being fully approved by state officials.

Forrest Buell,

Clay City