Letter to the Editor

Family member in need of help

Sunday, July 24, 2011

To the Editor:

Lucas Sampson is 29-years-old and has cancer in his lungs and brain.

Because of his lung cancer, he has to breath with the aid of oxygen. The big oxygen tanks are hard to carry around, that is, when he does get out of the house.

He needs a Portable Oxygen Concentrator, which is only about 15-pounds and converts the outside air into 95 percent oxygen.

A used concentrator costs $2,500. His friend, Brian Messer, is starting a fundraising campaign for Lucas called, "100 Mile Pedal for Lucas."

Because Brian loves cycling, he is going to get on his bike and ride 100 miles for Lucas.

Lucas lives about 50 or 60 miles from Brian's house, so he is going to ride the round trip on his bike and hopefully deliver $2,500 in checks for Lucas' oxygen concentrator.

This is where Brian needs your help.

Will you sponsor him?

He is asking for a dollar a mile.

If each were to give Lucas $100, he'd be well on his way to purchasing that concentrator.

The date for the 100-mile ride is scheduled for Aug. 6. Any amount would be appreciated.

Please make checks payable to Lucas Sampson for the Portable Oxygen Concentrator and mail them to Brian Messer, 1189 Orchard Run Dr., Lebanon, Ohio, 45036.

Lucas is the grandson of Bob and Rita Sampson, Brazil.

Thanks so much for your consideration and help.

Bob and Rita Sampson,