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Special session set

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Clay Community School board will meet in a special session Thursday, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. in the North Clay Middle School Media Center, 3450 W. State Road 340, Brazil.

The special session meeting agenda includes the consideration to name the new Northview High School principal and a declaration of Surplus Equipment.

The special session is open to the public.

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What a sham. How in the world can they know that they will be announcing a new principal this coming Thursday when they asked for committee members from the community to meet this coming Tuesday evening to be "a part" of the process?

How can they say that they really want community members' input if they already know there will be a decision within two days?

Only way I can see is that either only one person applied for the position or theboard has already narrowed applicant pool down so much that there is no choice to make.

Which is it?

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Sun, Jul 24, 2011, at 10:26 PM

Jenny Moore-

Just a suggestion, instead of complaining about the local school system, why don't YOU run for office?

-- Posted by millertime on Mon, Jul 25, 2011, at 9:07 AM

I agree that Jenny needs to run for the office

But she is probably right. Sounds like a rubber

stamp deal. How much do they make per meeting


-- Posted by patriotgames on Mon, Jul 25, 2011, at 12:01 PM

Millertime and patriotgames:

I didn't do nothing. I did plenty BUT I never ran because I learned to understand how local government works. It's a popularity contest and not based upon ability to do the job. I do not have enough extended family and not in good ole boy network here. It would be a waste of my time and money. Leo tried it and look what happened. His ideas and background with managing military assets gave him more of a background than several of the other candidates. [and he's not related to school employee-what's with that anyhow? It's a blatant conflict of interest for a board member to have a spouse/child employed by corporation and I have seen favoritism due to this] He spent time researching and looked into ways other places did things. No, just too many who have personal agenda and are elected because they tell people what they want to hear and don't address the problems or look outside the county or state to see how others have handled things more successfully. This is not grampa's world and previous educational models just no longer work today. I was actually told by one teacher that it was a terrible thing to have to move an elementary school child from one building to another and they would NEVER move their children as we had due to my husband's employment. That sort of backward thinking only keeps people mired in the past. I say it was the teacher's nostalgia only and had nothing to do with trying to prevent harm to a student's academic or social progress and well being.

I stood before the board many times in the past 16 years and talked to teachers and principals and was on committees about successful ways in which things could be improved here that I had seen in other states where I lived before. All involved change and all involved making poor teachers accountable for poor performance. My husband was told at a board meeting by a board member that he didn't have to sit there and listen to transients tell them what to do...That sort of attitude still runs rampant here. If you don't have several generations in the local graveyard, you are just a little less worthy, no matter what you do for a living and what your background is in education.

It would mean change and telling some nice people that even though they are nice, they were doing a poor job for the past umpteen years and it was no longer going to be acceptable.

To this day, I haven't found this school corporation willing to tackle the problem of the about 5% of teachers who year after year cheat students of their educational opportunities.

I also haven't found a community who is willing to say good bye to a brick and mortar building in favor of putting more of our financial resources into the class room and academic programs.

No. I am about finished with this school corporation. I have augmented my own childrens' education outside of the school corporation so they got the best opportunities I could get in it. I tried to help their friends navigate their education and for the past two years belonged to the Northview academic booster club in order to present programs to help other students do the same...something the guidance department should have been doing all along instead of telling students to take low level courses and not test their abilities; making many unprepared for what came after high school. Students have some excellent teachers here and have some real losers as well that waste their time.

I just feel really badly for the student whose parent doesn't realize that they have to be their child's advocate to make sure that they get the best the corporation has to offer and don't assume that the status quo is sufficient.

They are the ones who will come out the other end ill prepared for today's world and the competition for jobs in it.

Good luck. Hope your kids don't get any of that 5% who aren't doing their jobs. My 4 kids had about 6 who deprived them of opportunities with a history of doing so year after year. Thankfully a few have now retired but there are still a few employed by the corporation. Will you complain as I did in hopes that enough complaints will initiate change? Will you just ask your child to be moved to another class and let the teacher cheat all the other students? Or will you say nothing because it isn't perceived as being "nice" and let your child get an inferior education while in that teacher's class?

Have a good day.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Wed, Jul 27, 2011, at 8:28 AM

Well said Jenny! I admire your grit and gumption in trying to get the narrow/closed minded folks to try to see the errors in our system.

You will be missed by several of us who can relate to your well educated opinions and honesty.....your feistiness also! Go forth and enjoy the day my friend.

-- Posted by Proud of My Country on Wed, Jul 27, 2011, at 11:44 AM


Really? Really? Really? How many teachers have you observed in your career as a constant commenter? How many times have you sat in the counselors' office to hear them say, "take the lower level classes"? What formal training as an educator do you really have, or claim to have? I have been gone for a long time, but my kids were very lucky to have the teachers that they did at Northview, plus all of the counselors were very good to deal with. My last child graduated 2 years ago, and she said that her counselor was always "begging" her to take the hardest classes possible. In talking with her friends, they have said the same thing about their counselors. They, as did my daughter, really enjoyed the challenges that their teachers presented, wanting them to be the very best. Before casting stones to those doing a thankless job, walk in their shoes for more than an hour. Deal with 30 different personalities, 30 different home lives, 30 different work ethics, 30 different goals of education for the day, the week, and year. I am so thankful for the opportunity that both of my children had in attending Northview. They are both successful in the university setting, and I am happy to say outperforming the others in their classes. Ivory Towers are always easy to preach from, but come down from the pedistal to see how the real world is.

-- Posted by Ron Archer on Wed, Jul 27, 2011, at 10:39 PM


I am overjoyed that your children had nothing but positive experiences. It should be our goal for every child here to have the same. Mine did not. As you will know as a former Northview parent the guidance staff assigned is dependent upon your last name My 4 children had one over a span of 13 years while at Northview. I also have hosted a good number of foreign exchange students with different last names so have experienced conferences with at least two other s over the years that I can remember at this moment. Even when the request was made to place them in challenging courses sometimes we were not listened to and had to go back and change things when classes began. In more than one instance the class was below the level of the student and little was learned.

As to my own education, I worked in a teaching hospital for many years before moving to Indiana,teaching future DVMs nursing skills. I am the daughter of a high school teacher and married to an associate dean at a local college. Our dinner table conversation is always linked to learning and educational opportunities and practices at many levels. We have hosted 7 foreign exchange students at high school level and helped exchange students at college level get acclimated to life in Indiana. I have also done CASA work in Clay County and taken CE on generational poverty and its links to educational mores and practices. As I said before. The 95% of teachers here are wonderful. It's that 5% we need to start working on as if a child gets one of those for a year, it is a year of opportunities that is lost for that entire class of children. A terrible thing. It doesn't cost money to document poor teachers. Just an investment of time and commitment to higher level of education for all.

So short answer is no. I am not a teacher myself. I have and do live with educators and fully understand what it takes to be a teacher. A good teacher. The corporation will never be perfect but it needs to not accept mediocrity. I feel that it is from both some of the teachers and some of the students. HAve a good day.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Thu, Jul 28, 2011, at 4:49 PM


While I appreciate the fact that you have had 7 foreign exchange students, I would think that it would be challenging to put them in classes that they could handle, given language barriers and prior experiences from their home country. What did you do if the class was too hard for them? Did you have the counselor take them out of the class? Since you are married to a professor, you only can relate to the types of kids that want to be in school. High school teachers do not have that option. In the ideal world, wouldn't the teachers want everyone in their class to want to be there. The world is not perfect, as is nothing else that is a part of it. Do we want all of the teachers, counselors, administrators, cooks, janitors, bus drivers, secretaries, maintenance staff, and any other person that comes into our children's lives perfect? Of course we do, but it would seem that if we worked with them, instead of against them, this little corner of the world could be a little better.

As someone in the business world, I can say that all of our dinner conversations when the kids were in high school (even middle school) revolved around education and the world of work. Parents have to take some initiative to help prepare their kids. Schools, families, and communities are are members of an educational team.

I think that the board has made two great hirings in Superintendent Tucker and now Assistant Superintendent Rayle. In my dealings with Dr. Rayle, he was very open and understanding of any concerns that I had. He gave his findings on any concern I had, then I realized what was behind the decision made. My youngest thought that Dr. Rayle made Northview a better place, and now he will have a chance to do that corporation wide.

-- Posted by Ron Archer on Thu, Jul 28, 2011, at 7:43 PM


Whoa. When did this start to be a conversation about Dr Rayle? I don't believe I EVER said that he was one of those who was not trying to make the school better.

Agreed that parents must accept the ultimate responsibility for making sure their kids get the most out of educational opportunities afforded them by the school and in other settings. However as you stated, it's not a perfect world. Many parents do "NOT" do this and if school also drop the ball on this, we will have a community of adults ill prepared to function in society.

Read Bridges out of Poverty. If parents never had the training themselves, many times they cannot mentor their children as far as work ethic and on the education needed to make it in the work force. do we let our society of tomorrow collapse completely just because the parents aren't capable to guiding their children? It's ALL of our responsibility to help them and we pay taxes for the schools to aid in this. If each employee isn't doing their job, we fail some children. THAT is all I am trying to get across. We have many good employees in this corporation who are good ones but a waste of our taxes to retain those who are not performing and to also treat them the same as those teachers who are working hard at their job.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Thu, Jul 28, 2011, at 9:48 PM

I have to agree with Jenny, we seem to keep the employees of the school corporation that are ineffective in their responsibilities of teaching our students. Is this saying that all teachers are this way? No, we have MANY GREAT teachers and administrators in our corporation but we do have some that need to go. I do not think Jenny is trying to put down the importance of educators. She is saying that we need to quit protecting the ineffective ones and support the ones that work hard to educate our youth. I know as a nurse that there are good nurses and there are REALLY bad ones. Just because my employer wants to "Weed" out the bad nurses, doesnt mean that ALL nurses are bad. I am personallly glad they do! Why, because I work hard to represent my profession and I dont want to work along side someone who doesn't do the same. I hope Ms. Tucker and Dr. Rayle are able to make the changes from the top and work down but that takes a lot of back bone and that is not always easy to do. The majority of the community stays silent, its usually the loudest minority opinion that is heard. Parents will not speak up. There are several reasons why, some because of the fear of having their child singled out and another reason is that some parents do not know how to or that they can.

Its a good thing that we all have different opinions, view etc. thats what keeps things moving foward. Jenny-Im sure it feels your beating your head against a rock but sometimes you have to keep fighting. Thank God some of our past didnt give in....where would we be now?!?!?

-- Posted by HappyTimes on Fri, Jul 29, 2011, at 4:44 PM

Happy Times


And I will add that keeping silent for fear of retribution towards your children is silly. I have brought issues to the attention of school officials and I have always been treated cordially and respectfully...even if we disagreed. There was one instance when a teacher about which I complained made a remark to my daughter and I was quick to be right back in the office to complain about her unprofessionalism and it ceased immediately. Stop worrying about what MIGHT happen if you complain and start thinking about all that is not happening because so few do. One person bringing up issues will not cause change to happen but if all the parents who have problems bring it to someone's attention instead of fuming to themselves, administration will have to respond effectively.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Sat, Jul 30, 2011, at 9:53 AM

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