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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Folks ask, "Have you ever experienced heat like this?" I quickly respond to the weather related question with a nod. Truth is, I have endured other scorching hot summers and suffered some consequences in the past.

I recall some extreme scorchers, during my youth and a couple hotter than average summers, not quite so long ago, as well.

Now, as I sit here this Sunday afternoon, a steady rain is clearing the dust from the hot roof of the little blue house at the end of the road. The garden and everything around here, in the path of my rain dance is drinking.

The thirsty deer-battered sweet corn is embracing this gift from the heavens with open arms.

The brief, but much needed relief will be short lived, but anything in the amount of precipitation is a plus.

I was pleased with amount of corn I was able to harvest from the garden this morning. After all that I said about the deer, they did share a little more than slim pickings of the vegetable with us.

The green beans may still snap out of it. I added more protection for the plants, and they were just sprinkled with an extra blessing.

The freezers are beginning to replenish another healthy winter store. These eyes see a kaleidoscope of colors, in the tightly sealed packages and containers. We envision savings and good eats. My only question is: "Where is the meat?"

While unloading a storage cabinet of treasures and some unnecessary clutter, I came across my mother's old Farm Journal freezing and canning cookbook.

The well-read and utilized guide that she ordered, many years ago, by mail, is filled with how-to-do recipes from farm homemakers, from home economists who worked with country women and from The Farm Journals staff was approved by a 500 family test group.

I love the book, albeit many of the recipes and methods are outdated, much can be modified and used by today's cooks.

Mother used the information on those tattered, discolored pages and followed those recipes to the letter.

Down through the years, ever since she handed it down to me, and regardless of up-to date books from Ball and instructions from Mason at hand; her grateful child drags out the old "kitchen bible" at harvest time.

Those farm women's secrets are now mine to borrow. However, I want to forget icebox pickles and homemade sauerkraut! I don't even want to think about it!

As for me, each year, when rosy-red stalks of rhubarb emerge from the earth in early spring. I am planning ahead, ready to start preserving and restocking the freezers and larder, just like mom and my grandmothers once did.

Now, help is on site full-time; who knows what I can accomplish, before time turns out the lights on me and the last harvest comes?

Starla Gail Sartor-May, our eldest daughter called me from Athens, Greece last week.

She and her husband Bruce May are enjoying a Mediterranean cruise that has taken them to many exciting and beautiful places, some of which, her father experienced while on sea duty, in 1956.

I look forward to good conversation from the travelers to come.

The couple is enjoying the sites and much needed rest and relaxation.

Our grandson, Daniel Risk and his new bride, Amber are enjoying Comic-Con in San Diego. This year he is not only a guest, the Comic Con regular is attending as a professional.

Dan, the Batman fan has several projects in the works and connections to the industry.

The gifted achiever continues advanced studies at Chapman in Orange, Calif. The couple presently resides close to campus. The young filmmaker will work toward his Masters in media arts and more; Risk Productions is in business.

Truth is, I am proud of all of our family and all that they do. It's nice they think we are OK too. They still enjoy an old fashioned home- cooked meal at the little blue house north of Restlawn when they come to town.

I send a special "thank you'' to the law enforcers and firefighters of this county, this state and this nation for all that you do for we the people.

The same applies to your brothers and sisters, the heroes who lost their lives or were injured in anyway protecting us.

I can be reached by phone at 812 - 446-4852 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.