Letter to the Editor

Clay County Humane Shelter Board President responds to letter

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To the Editor:

In response to Brittany Smith's letter about the Clay County Humane Shelter, I feel we need to get some facts straight.

I don't know if Ms. Smith lives within the city limits or not, but that's a place for us to start.

CCHS does not have the city contract for animal control. We only have a county contract. Clay County Animal Rescue has the city contract and should be called by Brazil citizens.

One cannot imagine what all we do to save animals unless they have worked or volunteered at the shelter.

When our facility is "full," that means all dog kennels and cat rooms and cages are full. Right now, they are all full, plus, we have crates and cages in the lobby, cat rooms, semi-sick room, medicine room and even the hallway. We are not just full, we are "bursting at the seams."

This means more food, more paid employee hours, more meds and vet expenses. Our shelter now runs on the edge, financially and now that we have accepted more animals then capacity allows, our expenses go up and up. We could not survive without the loving support of our community and we have to watch where every cent goes.

I feel bad the cat Ms. Smith spoke of was shot. Many times, we have taken animals that are sick or injured because the owner cannot afford vet bills. We can't afford them either. When we get one of these needy animals in, most of the time, one of our members or an employee pays for the office call and treatments out of their own pocket.

We sacrifice our time and money each and every day for these animals. Granted, we may not do every thing that pleases everyone, but we make every effort to do what is right for the animal. We can only do so much.

Have any of the people complaining ever offered to volunteer at the shelter or make a donation of food or money? Many have and many have not.

The big picture: Spay or neuter your pets. Our animal census would be so much lower if we didn't have so many puppies and kittens. Any responsible owner of a pet should have this surgery, rather then bring us litters year after year. Yes! We feel used because of someone else's lack of action. The shelter offers low cost spay/neuter services.

Right now, we are waving adoption fees for cats and kittens. An adoptive parent only has to pay $50 for the surgery, vaccinations, and worming meds. If you can possibly adopt a cat/kitten, please come see us. We have adorable pets in all sizes and colors. Again, thanks to those that help us in many ways.

We couldn't survive without you.

Anita Hightshoe,

Clay County Humane Shelter Board President