Letter to the Editor

Member represents students

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To the Editor:

I am still trying to convince our public and our school board members whom and what I represent as a current board member.

This is simple and sincere. My representation includes all students who are not fitting into today's school atmosphere and are not being educated to fit into today's society.

I do not intend to lay the cause of this at anyone's door. I do believe that our school board members should recognize this condition and accept responsibility to give these students a solution.

The school board can establish a policy to erase this problem.

Our public, our teaching staff and our board members should work together to address this educational condition by establishing a valid solution together.

It is our school board's responsibility to form a policy that helps our students who need to arise from their educational gutter. To sweep these students' needs under the rug is not a valid answer for these students.

This situation is similar to a patient-physician relationship. It has to be diagnosed in order to establish valid treatment. This will aid students (patients) to get on with their lives in a healthy condition. The earlier these students' needs are recognized, the earlier they can be treated and problems erased.

Good education of all students is similar to good health -- both are needed for survival.

This is my role in our school planning and operation. This is why I entered into our students' school arena in 1976.

I have not waivered and will not waiver until all students' lifetime education appears in our schools.

Forrest R. Buell,

Clay City