Letter to the Editor

Suggestions for teenagers

Sunday, July 31, 2011

To the Editor:

I say that if there is a need for more money, then let's get the kids involved and maybe it will make them take more pride.

I for one would be willing to help, seeing how I have two teenagers.

First, they could take collections on the street corners like many others do.

Next, we can set up donation areas like in front of Walmart and any other business that will allow it.

Give these kids somewhere to go and something to do and it might do them some good.

Give kids positive ambition and a way to help out and everyone may be surprised.

Give kids a chance to do something good for a benefit to them.

If there is nothing for these kids to do, then some of them get in trouble. Let's give them an alternative. They deserve it.

Cindi Burris,